Actress-Mom Jodi Sta. Maria and Son Thirdy for Jollibee Spaghetti

You’re finally a Jollibee ambassador! Welcome and congrats Jodi and son Thirdy !!!!!!!!!  ☺♥☺ 
Jollibee's AVP for Marketing Kent Marianojollyspag3
Jolly Sweet-Sarap Momentsjollyspag4Jollibee recently welcomed Jodi and Thirdy as the newest brand ambassadors for Jolly Spaghetti during the media launch held at the Ortigas Roosevelt branch. Jodi and Thirdy, who stars in the latest TV commercial for Jolly Spaghetti, shared their own personal experiences, from happy memories when she was a kid and to how she now enjoys the same bonding moments with Thirdy. The Jolly Spaghetti Sweet-Sarap Moments event also featured fun games for the media guests and their kids.

Batang Jollibee at heart

Jodi confesses to being a certified Batang Jollibee, even before she got into show business. Her mother worked hard to raise Jodi and her siblings, but made sure to devote her Saturdays to quality time over her children’s favorite Jollibee treats.

“Every Saturday, iti-treat niya kami sa Jollibee sa may Landmark food court,” Jodi recalled. “Talagang masasabi ko na kinalakihan ko siJollibee. At hindi lang ‘yon, kasi bawat party, bawat celebration, talagang naging part siya ng family namin at ng pamilyang Pilipino.”

Growing up, Jodi said she would often order Jolly Spaghetti and Jolly Hotdog, and it became staples in her bonding moments with her mom. Now that she’s a mother herself, she wants to pass on the same joyful experience to Thirdy. The 10-year old loves the cheesy, meaty, and sweet-sarap flavors of Jolly Spaghetti.

Wala akong nakilalang bata na gusto ng maasim na spaghetti,” the actress remarked candidly. “Especially Filipino children. I believe na nakuha ng Jollibee ‘yung manamis-namis na timpla na hinahanap-hanap ng bawat batang Pilipino.”

Mom first, actress second

Jodi remains simple even with her celebrity status and recent accolades for her stellar TV performances. Despite her busy schedule, she makes sure that spending quality time with Thirdy is her priority, just as her own mother did years ago.

The actress related that she and Thirdy can spend hours upon hours just talking about anything, especially over their favorite Jolly Spaghetti. They often order “C3,” the Jolly Spaghetti and Chickenjoy combo, for delivery or drive-thru.

Sa hapagkainan, that’s where the bonding happens. Nakakatuwa si Thirdy when you spend time with him. He’s a very opinionated child.Baka pwede siyang maging lawyer,” Jodi proudly added.

 Perfect Choice for Jolly Spaghetti

Jollibee likewise is equally happy and excited to welcome Jodi and Thirdy to the family.

“Jodi and Thirdy are the perfect endorsers for Jolly Spaghetti,” said Kent Mariano, Jollibee Assistant Vice President for Marketing. “Despite Jodi’s celebrity status and hectic schedule, she believes in making even the smallest of moments count when it comes to strengthening her bond with Thirdy and her family. Jodi’s own story and personal experiences of bonding with her mom and now with her son is something that many Pinoy families can relate to. We at Jollibee have always proud to be part of such memorable moments.”

The latest TVC features Jodi reminiscing her bonding moments as a kid with her mom, and fast forward to the present, Jodi letting Thirdy experience the same happy moment while enjoying their favorite Jolly Spaghetti. 


At Long Last…the Very Slimey Nickelodeon Slime Cup Run!

Nickelodeon Slime Cup Run 
May 29, 2016
MOA Concert Grounds 
200m dash/1Km/3Km
I’ve always wished Nickelodeon would have it’s own fun run happen in the city. Thank heavens, it did happen and it made a lot of kids and kids-at-heart super happy especially to those who are cool fans (like me!) of Spongebob and Patrick Starfish!

Run distances were 3KM, 1Km and the 200m dash by smaller and younger kids. Super fun! Another cute thing was the doggie run portion of dogs of all breeds and sizes during the 1Km run. How I looooove dogs especially when they have exclusive moments to run proud with their owners.

And the highlight of course of the run was to get “slimed” courtesy of the slim shower right after the Finish Slime! Haha! Wasn’t that sucha unique way to say it?

Sharing some of the awesome snapshots I took during this uber slimey event! ☺☺  

boothdashdogmark famu slime slime3 slime4slime5 sponge sponge2 sponge3 ztabosponge2Many thanks Ms. Grace of Stratworks PR for the thoughtful invite. It was great seeing you and Mark again!

Inspiring Achievers: Jollibee’s #ProudGenYum #Yumbassadors Revealed



Jollibee’s new batch of Yumbassadors is a roster of millennials representing various fields and industries, each with unique accomplishments that serve as an inspiration to their peers. These achievers continuously trail blaze in their respective fields serving as role models for today’s generation Y.

Just recently in grand langhap-sarap fashion, with overflowing Yum burgers at One Esplanade, Jollibee unveiled and proudly introduced to the media its newest young men and women who imbibe what is it to be a #ProudGenYum #Yumbassador . I am grateful and honored to meet them all upclose!

13269265_1312939018719555_9163366642454917535_nAmong these are international model Kelsey Merritt, Cropital founder Rachel de Villa, kid genius and inventor Angelo Casimiro, poet and spoken word artist Juan Miguel Severo, model and agricultural entrepreneur Jairus Ferrer, outstanding student Christopher Valentin, record-breaking runner Mea Gey Niñura, world-famous girl group 4th Impact, and F1 racer Marlon Stockinger together with actors James Reid and Nadine Lustre.
Yumbassadors.MeaGayjpgYumbassadorsMarlon“This year’s batch of Yumbassadors are proof of how millenials are—passionate, driven, determined, and always going for the best. The Gen Y or #ProudGenYum are impressive individuals and each of them are out to change the world,” according to Jollibee Philippines’ Marketing Head and Global Brand Chief Marketing Officer Francis Flores.
GenYumEveryone in the #Yumbassadors list were present except for actors James Reid and Nadine Lustre who were in the thick of their showbiz commitments.

What brought the house down (figuratively of course!) was the electrifying mini-concert of the all-sister group, 4th Impact and recent finalist for the reality TV show The X-Factor UK. I loved their rendition of “Bang Bang” and “Titanium” which they sang before a screaming crowd. The sisters Almira, Celina, Irene and Mylene Cercado are here in town for a vacation and scheduled this week to fly back to the UK for their shows.

“Hindi po namin inaasahan ang award na ito kaya nagpapasalamat po kami sa karangalan na ito mula sa Jollibee”, shared a thankful Almira in behalf of her equally talented sisters. God bless you more, ladies! We’re so proud of where you are now.

Another person who was not expecting such recognition is F! race driver and triathlete Marlon Stockinger. I asked when did he know of the Jollibee title? “Just a week ago. And I’m truly thankful for the honor.” Marlon is in town and is soon to get back to Europe for a racing stint. Way to go, Marlon! Good luck and always cool seeing you.

Yumbassadors“Our Yumbassadors were chosen because of their passion for langhap-sarap ng buhay. They do not settle for mediocrity. They welcome challenges as opportunities to grow and become better people. I am confident that their individual journeys and success stories will inspire many young people.” concludes Mr. Flores.

This very young and success-driven roster of #Yumbassadors are a clear image of dedication and passion on their crafts and fields. Together they believe that nothing is impossible that we all should work hard to achieve our goals…our dreams. Together they showcase greatness!

Congratulations to all awardees and yes, you just inspired me to not give up and to continue striving to become the BEST!

Do check out Jollibee Philippines’ YouTube channel to know more on its world-class roster of #Yumbassadors and #ProudGenYum achievers. Who knows one day soon, you will be part of this prestigious list too?

If You Love Your Health, Fiber Up to Beat Hypertension

It is true that health is indeed wealth.

The month of May celebrates World Hypertension Day and besides commemorating Losartan, Lipitor, and Atenolol, there’s a natural and better way to combat hypertension. It is the Big F.

The “Big F” is FIBER.  It is derived from plants and scores huge in keeping the heart and colon healthy, for better blood circulation and detoxification.

Good blood circulation prevents hypertension.  Sapping bad cholesterol and toxins out of the body by consuming fibrous food, such as oatmeal, also promotes digestive health and prevents colon cancer… aside from boosting good blood circulation.  The connection continues: did you know that hypertension helps bring about constipation?  So fiber up, and you prevent both hypertension and colon problems., an esteemed medical online publication revealed that “adding fiber to the diet was associated with a significant reduction in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure in people with high blood pressure.” also pointed out other lifestyle and dietary improvements which help keep blood pressure levels under control. These include “weight loss, reduced sodium intake, moderation in alcohol use, increased potassium intake, increased physical activity, and following the DASH (dietary approaches to stop hypertension) diet.”

Fiber-packed Food

Anyone who wishes to gain the benefits of fiber simply has to eat more fruits and vegetables.  Fiber may also be sourced from cereals and carbo-loaded food such as oatmeal.  There are many variants of oatmeal–  instant, quick-cooking, whole-grain rolled oats, and oat bran.  Just find the kind that suits your taste and lifestyle most.


One brand, Australia Harvest Oatmeal, boasts of best quality as it prides itself in coming from the world’s best oats-growing region, West Australia.  Perhaps it is this best-source and superior-quality assurance that made the Philippine Volcanoes—   the country’s official rugby team sent to battle in international rugby competitions–  choose Australia Harvest Oatmeal as their Official Fiber Partner.  And for good reasons.  The Philippine Volcanoes just won their bronze medal in the recently concluded Asian Rugby Competitions.  Congrats guys!

Not everyone is into eating oats. Perhaps it may have also something to do with its simple taste. I really don’t mind. I am thankful that our Mom made us love and appreciate oatmeal intake during our growing up years. Way to go, Ma!  ☺☺

So celebrate World Hypertension Day this May, by staying healthy and sharing the fitness word.

Fiber up if you want to live long and have a hypertension-free Life!  ☺☺


Are You Ready for the Nissan Navara Sport Edition?

Navara Sport Edition (1)

MANILA, Philippines – Nissan Philippines Inc. (NPI), the sole national sales company of Nissan in the Philippines, once again raises the bar for the Philippine pick-up market with its introduction of the New Nissan Navara Sport Edition.

Unveiled on May 12, 2016 at its dealership launch at Nissan North EDSA, the new Nissan Navara Sport Edition is the latest model to join the Nissan vehicle lineup, upgrading the trademark features of the 2015 Truck of the Year, the Nissan Navara.

“We are proud and very excited to unveil the latest variant of our award-winning pickup”said Ramesh Narasimhan, President and Managing Director of Nissan Philippines Inc. “Continuing the legacy of Nissan’s long pickup history, the brand once again exhibits innovation that excites with the new Nissan Navara Sport Edition, answering to the call of the consumers who are looking for a pickup that offers riding comfort, first-in-class features, and sportier look.”

Navara Sport Edition (2)
Premium, comfortable interiors

Inside, the Nissan Navara Sport Edition showcases a new, premium leather-wrapped steering wheel, as well as shift knob, armrest and door trims. Comfort inside the Nissan Navara Sport Edition is further enhanced by Nissan’s iconic air-cooling system with rear vents, premium sound system and ergonomically designed seats.

Taking its cue from the standard Nissan Navara, the vehicle still carries the Zero-Gravity inspired seats for both passenger and driver. These offer superior spinal support that greatly helps reduce fatigue during long drives.
Stylish, Sporty Exteriors

Building on the Nissan Navara’s already tough exterior styling, the Nissan Navara Sport Edition features upgraded design elements that create a tougher, sportier look.

At first glance, the Nissan Navara Sport Edition’s unique honeycomb front grille immediately delivers a striking appearance. Adding to this are the new front skirt and fog lamps wrapped in a new dark chrome finish, which give the vehicle an even bolder design.

The Nissan Navara Sport Edition’s side step and rear bumper are also finished with a new dark chrome, while a durable under rail bed liner and new sport roll bar with LED lamp emphasize the vehicle’s sportiness. Rounding up the Nissan Navara Sport Edition’s tough, sporty appearance are new 18-inch alloy wheels that are capable of taking on any terrain.
13198981_1307231159290341_972293395_oTough, smart performance

The Nissan Navara Sport Edition also features the first-in-class multilink suspension system that delivers car-like riding and driving comfort. Its powerful drive comes from a DOHC inline 4-cylinder, 16-valve engine with Variable Turbocharger (VGS) and Intercooler, with a number of variants to meet each driver’s specific needs.

The New Nissan Navara Sport Edition is available in Riptide Blue and Aspen White and in the following variants in all Nissan Dealerships nationwide: 2.5L 4×4 VL 7AT priced at Php 1,656,000 and 2.5L 4×2 EL 7AT Calibre at Php1,275,000.

For more information on the New Nissan Navara Sport Edition, log on to or visit the nearest Nissan showroom.

13199232_1307231062623684_649869905_oIt is always great seeing our dear friends from Nissan Philippines led by Mr. Narasimhan, SJ Huh, Dax Avenido, Rach Tan and our PR friends from YMV. Thank you for the kind invite. Until the next!


May the 4th Be With You!!!

fourthHappy #STARWARS Day to the science fiction of my youth!

Thank you #GeorgeLucas for this intergalactic experience of a lifetime!


Watch Before You Vote: Diyos-Diyosan (A Review)

Directed by: Cesar E. Buendia
Princess Punzalan, John Prats, Kiko Estrada, Cheska Diaz, Lorenzo Mata, Vaness del Moral, Ryza Cenon, Tirso Cruz III
Release Date: May 4, 2016 (nationwide)


Just very recently, I received an invitation from a PR friend to attend a press conference for their partner’s socio-political film. I asked who were the cast members? My friend replied Princess Punzalan, John Prats, Kiko Estrada, among many others. And with that kind of rare casting, I said “Yes!” to the invitation. But the scheduled presscon turned out to be an exclusive movie screening instead which I was able to watch except for the remaining scenarios since I had to rush out for another previous appointment. And then I wondered how would the controversial  film end?  

DIYOS-DIYOSAN is a socio-political spiritual movie which top bills come-backing veteran actress Princess Punzalan and top-caliber actor/comedian John Pratts. They are supported by Kiko Estrada, Cheska Diaz, Lorenzo Mara, Vaness del Moral, Glaiza de Castro with Tirso Cruz III among many others.

The tumultuous decade of the 80’s particularly 1986. She loved her country but hated God. That is why Estrell, played by Princess Punzalan, made sure that each of her 4th year High School students would do the same. “Serve the people!” she said. “But believe only in yourself.”

Her brilliant but broken favorite student, Bernard, played by John Prats, did just as she instructed. He believed in himself, albeit only in himself. He did not believe in God.

But somewhere along the way, Estrell met the Lord and became a believer. Bernard on the other hand grew up and started to believe more and more in himself… that he could somehow be his own god.

Several years later, it is 2014 – Estrell is now a missionary preaching God’s word. Bernard, on the other hand, has emerged to become an evil and corrupt Senator who is one of the strongest candidates for President in 2016. They meet again.
diyos2Acting wise, the film is loaded with Grade A actors in Ms. Princess, who’s acting caliber is tops and Sir Pip (Tirso Cruz III) who executed a very convincing role as one of the fraternity masters. Hands down! You should watch out for the “fraternity meeting with the neophytes” scene.

Kiko Estrada on the other hand is a grand revelation in this flick. Being the son of serious actor Gary Estrada and the grandson to acting greats Paquito Diaz and George Estregan, acting does run in his genes and entire family. I personally praised his dramatic acting skills during the presscon and premiere night. Kiko was appreciative of the feedbacks. Also advised him to keep getting better but remain humble and his feet always on the ground.

The rest of the support cast did very well as the likes of Vaness, Ryza, Lorenzo and Ms. Cheska. Kudos likewise to the contributions of the rest of the not-so-well-known actors in the movie who performed and gave their 100% very best! Your efforts don’t go unnoticed.

The film also seeks to open the eyes of the Filipino millennials on what a true leader should be. Its timing is perfect as it opens a few days before the Philippine national elections on May 9th. DIYOS-DIYOSAN is expected to be a media catalyst for the large percent of undecided voters.

Direk Cesar who wrote the movie had his script done two years ago. The production also underwent challenges and concerns but with utmost faith and unwavering support from the proper people, this project made it in time to one of the most important elections of our generation. Congrats, direk and to your hardworking team and crew!

Arguably the movie is fast paced for most of its delicate scenes and I must also commend the musical scoring applied especially to some of its suspenseful scenes. We must remember that not all socio-political materials can hold the attention of its audience and viewers for at least two hours.

Hopefully by then, the voting public can take on the film’s lessons and reflect as to who the deserving leaders should be elected and change the course of the country for the better. We have seen all the debates and are being continuously being wooed by the surveys. One thing is for sure about the film’s message is trust and guidance from The Divine Master. That in His time, our country will see and experience favorable changes. Amen to that!

diyosThis is a story about the evil in Philippine politics and how the Power of God’s unending love and mercy can cause change, real change.
DIYOS-DIYOSAN  is a victorious story every freedom-loving Filipino wants to see.  Despite being pitted with a couple of romantic-comedy films, the folks of this remarkable production aims to inspire and move us to just do what is proper and correct. God is a God of order in case we are forgetting.

Hopefully by then, the voting public can take on the film’s lessons and reflect as to who the deserving leaders should be elected and change the course of the country for the better. We have seen all the debates and are being continuously being wooed by the surveys. One thing is for sure about the film’s message is trust and guidance from The Divine Master. That in His time, our country will see and experience favorable changes.

During the presscon, I asked the four major cast present and direk Cesar how they would describe Diyos-Diyosan in one word? Each exclaimed, “powerful” “matapang” “pasabog” “blessing” and “annointed” …

diyos5With the director of the hour —- Cesar E. Buendia after the grand premiere held last April 30 at SM Megamall. He was pleased and  happy to see me again after our first meet up during the presscon. “Thank you for coming again and for seeing the film,” was his greeting to me. God bless your movie, direk Cesar. It was also nice to meet up with Ms. Princess, John Prats and Kiko Estrada once again.  More worthwhile films to come!

Please come and watch Diyos-Diyosan starting May 4 at your nearest favorite theater now.  Please vote very, very wisely!

God bless our beloved Philippines!  ♥♥♥

Many thanks to Ms. Nadj and Anthony for the invite and privilege of covering this awesome film project! More to come!  ☺

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