Let’s Meet & Eat at SM Fairview Foodcourt


How can one not like food? I bet it is impossible not to fall in love with any food of your liking and choosing. Food not only satisfies our hungry tummies but it also fuels and re-charges our bodies
that does a lot of activities day in and out.
P1210542And when we are out shopping in the mall, it has become a habit to stop for a while and eat to grab a snack or indulge in a pretty heavy meal. Me and my family does this all the time, haha!

Just recently, I got an extended invite from a blogger friend to sample some food selections in a popular shopping mall. Together with the rest of fellow bloggers, we trooped to the food court of
SM Fairview. Always a great time visiting this mall again since I am physically lots nearer to the food court of SM North Edsa.

Lo and behold, as I approached the food court area, I did notice aesthetic changes in the looks and feel of the place. SM Foodcourt’s ambience has become more inviting and classy.

We also had a yummy time sampling some of signature dishes oftheir popular food merchants. Some of these favorites foodie greats have been with SM for a long time and some are new to me:

Chin’s Express, Davao Tuna Grill, Greenwich Pizza and Pasta, Inihaw Ecpress, Ted’s La Paz Batchoy, Casa Norte, Harvester’s Vegetarian, Lydia’s Lechon, Sizzling Plate, Ohayo Takoyaki, Pepper Lunch, Tropical Hut, Goto King Plus, Handaan Grande, Oriental Bowl, Salo, Famous Belgian WaffleMr. Kimbob, Sisig Hooray among many other food brands.

Of course, these food brands will definitely answer all your hunger needs and cravings. It is also nice and really cool when groups of friends and our families troop and bond at the food court
because of its spacious dining area and offer more food choices Families also opt to have their lunch or dinner here especially when their mom’s are quite busy to cook at home. Some even
order take out and ear their orders elsewhere everytime they’re at SM Fairview Food court
P1210513P1210512There was an ongoing social media contest on food posts sharing while the food sampling was ongoing. The Top 3 bloggers who had the most number of Likes won a cool prize from SM Fairview Foodcourt management Congrats to al the winners!
P1210535Just log on to https://www.facebook/SMCityFairview for more exciting news, updates and promos in store.

It was great to witness an improved and cozier SM Fairview Foodcourt. Kudos to everyone involved ☺
P1210540A very memorable campagin I could not forget everytime I am at SM;s food court is Share a Seat, Win a Friend..it is true and really happens! And aside from that, in particular,everytime one is at the premises of SM Fairview’s Foodcourt and having a fun time enjoying greatfood with friends or loved ones or sometimes just by ourselves, make it a continuous habit to MEET and EAT!

A happy tummy is a happy soul!

Many thanks SM Fairview Foodcourt and fellow blogger Melai Lee for the cool invite!


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