Hey There Mighty MARCH!

Wow! Fabulous February just came and went! Thank you my dear birth month…lots of great stuff went by then and I had a busy working birthday which I am thankful for.

I miss my Mom each and everyday. She’s always stuck with me thru thick and thin like what every Mom should… ♥♥♥ Heavenly Hello up there, Ma!

And here we are on the 3rd month of 2017…Hey there Mighty March! and it’s gotten already hot in the city…Signalling the entry of our Summer season here in the Philippines.

Looking forward to out of town coverages, which for sure will be utterly coooool !!! ☺☺

Happy 40th Anniversary ACER!


On October 26, Acer and its co-hosts held a forum titled “Smart Cities of a New Si-vilization” in Taipei. As the final event to wrap up the company’s 40th anniversary celebration, Acer invited government and industry leaders to discuss and share their thoughts about the future of global technology.

Stan Shih, Acer’s Co-founder and Honorary Chairman took to the stage to deliver a keynote speech where he called on governments and businesses to encourage new thinking, people-centric innovation and integrated cross-industry capabilities with a service-oriented mindset.

Keynote speeches were also presented by industry leaders from Microsoft and TSMC. The keynote speeches were followed by a number of panel discussions and breakout lectures to discuss the many facets of creating smart cities and the New Si-vilization.”
The day-long event also included Acer’s Tech Showcase which gave attendees a look at what an early phase of the New Si-vilization could be by exhibiting a full suite of the company’s latest BYOC products in the segments of smart transportation and smart cities, smart retail and integrated enterprise communications, programming kits, life and wellness solutions, among other applications of new people-centric technologies and solutions.

The forum was hosted jointly by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, National Development Council and Acer Inc.


From Meralco: Lower Energy Rates this June!

Changes in Residential BillsTyphoon season is upon us, but don’t expect sweater or blanket weather soon. It’s still hot and humid! What’s hotter is Meralco’s good news: lower electricity rates this June!

The country’s largest power distributor has announced that residential rates would go down by around Php 0.13 per kWh this month. Meralco says the rate reduction is due to lower generation charges, which is the cost of producing electricity collected by Meralco in behalf of generation companies. In fact, this June’s generation charge is the lowest since October 2004.

Electricity rates 2014-June 2016Aside from the reduced generation charge, taxes and other charges were also lower at Php 0.033 per kWh. Meralco’s distribution, supply, and metering charges have remained unchanged for nearly a year now.

For an average Filipino household consuming around 200 kWh every month, the new rates mean a reduction of around Php 25 in their June bill.

Changes in Residential BillsMeanwhile, typhoon season also brings floods to many areas in Metro Manila. We can avoid accidents at home by keeping in mind these safety reminders from Meralco:

  • Turn off the circuit breaker or main power switch when it’s starting to flood.
  • Unscrew the light bulbs and unplug appliances.
  • When cleaning your circuit breaker, fuse and main power switch, wear rubber gloves and rubber-soled shoes to prevent electrocution.
  • Always hire a licensed electrician to check the electrical wiring. Don’t do it on your own!
  • Bring in your flood-submerged appliances to a professional before turning them on or using them again.

For more Meralco safety tips or if you have any questions, just visit the website http://www.meralco.com.ph, or follow them on Twitter (@meralco) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/meralco). You may also call the Meralco 24-hour Call Center at 16211.

Meralco Spokesperson Joe Zaldarriaga showing the decrease in electricity rates this June 2016

Watch Before You Vote: Diyos-Diyosan (A Review)

Directed by: Cesar E. Buendia
Princess Punzalan, John Prats, Kiko Estrada, Cheska Diaz, Lorenzo Mata, Vaness del Moral, Ryza Cenon, Tirso Cruz III
Release Date: May 4, 2016 (nationwide)


Just very recently, I received an invitation from a PR friend to attend a press conference for their partner’s socio-political film. I asked who were the cast members? My friend replied Princess Punzalan, John Prats, Kiko Estrada, among many others. And with that kind of rare casting, I said “Yes!” to the invitation. But the scheduled presscon turned out to be an exclusive movie screening instead which I was able to watch except for the remaining scenarios since I had to rush out for another previous appointment. And then I wondered how would the controversial  film end?  

DIYOS-DIYOSAN is a socio-political spiritual movie which top bills come-backing veteran actress Princess Punzalan and top-caliber actor/comedian John Pratts. They are supported by Kiko Estrada, Cheska Diaz, Lorenzo Mara, Vaness del Moral, Glaiza de Castro with Tirso Cruz III among many others.

The tumultuous decade of the 80’s particularly 1986. She loved her country but hated God. That is why Estrell, played by Princess Punzalan, made sure that each of her 4th year High School students would do the same. “Serve the people!” she said. “But believe only in yourself.”

Her brilliant but broken favorite student, Bernard, played by John Prats, did just as she instructed. He believed in himself, albeit only in himself. He did not believe in God.

But somewhere along the way, Estrell met the Lord and became a believer. Bernard on the other hand grew up and started to believe more and more in himself… that he could somehow be his own god.

Several years later, it is 2014 – Estrell is now a missionary preaching God’s word. Bernard, on the other hand, has emerged to become an evil and corrupt Senator who is one of the strongest candidates for President in 2016. They meet again.
diyos2Acting wise, the film is loaded with Grade A actors in Ms. Princess, who’s acting caliber is tops and Sir Pip (Tirso Cruz III) who executed a very convincing role as one of the fraternity masters. Hands down! You should watch out for the “fraternity meeting with the neophytes” scene.

Kiko Estrada on the other hand is a grand revelation in this flick. Being the son of serious actor Gary Estrada and the grandson to acting greats Paquito Diaz and George Estregan, acting does run in his genes and entire family. I personally praised his dramatic acting skills during the presscon and premiere night. Kiko was appreciative of the feedbacks. Also advised him to keep getting better but remain humble and his feet always on the ground.

The rest of the support cast did very well as the likes of Vaness, Ryza, Lorenzo and Ms. Cheska. Kudos likewise to the contributions of the rest of the not-so-well-known actors in the movie who performed and gave their 100% very best! Your efforts don’t go unnoticed.

The film also seeks to open the eyes of the Filipino millennials on what a true leader should be. Its timing is perfect as it opens a few days before the Philippine national elections on May 9th. DIYOS-DIYOSAN is expected to be a media catalyst for the large percent of undecided voters.

Direk Cesar who wrote the movie had his script done two years ago. The production also underwent challenges and concerns but with utmost faith and unwavering support from the proper people, this project made it in time to one of the most important elections of our generation. Congrats, direk and to your hardworking team and crew!

Arguably the movie is fast paced for most of its delicate scenes and I must also commend the musical scoring applied especially to some of its suspenseful scenes. We must remember that not all socio-political materials can hold the attention of its audience and viewers for at least two hours.

Hopefully by then, the voting public can take on the film’s lessons and reflect as to who the deserving leaders should be elected and change the course of the country for the better. We have seen all the debates and are being continuously being wooed by the surveys. One thing is for sure about the film’s message is trust and guidance from The Divine Master. That in His time, our country will see and experience favorable changes. Amen to that!

diyosThis is a story about the evil in Philippine politics and how the Power of God’s unending love and mercy can cause change, real change.
DIYOS-DIYOSAN  is a victorious story every freedom-loving Filipino wants to see.  Despite being pitted with a couple of romantic-comedy films, the folks of this remarkable production aims to inspire and move us to just do what is proper and correct. God is a God of order in case we are forgetting.

Hopefully by then, the voting public can take on the film’s lessons and reflect as to who the deserving leaders should be elected and change the course of the country for the better. We have seen all the debates and are being continuously being wooed by the surveys. One thing is for sure about the film’s message is trust and guidance from The Divine Master. That in His time, our country will see and experience favorable changes.

During the presscon, I asked the four major cast present and direk Cesar how they would describe Diyos-Diyosan in one word? Each exclaimed, “powerful” “matapang” “pasabog” “blessing” and “annointed” …

diyos5With the director of the hour —- Cesar E. Buendia after the grand premiere held last April 30 at SM Megamall. He was pleased and  happy to see me again after our first meet up during the presscon. “Thank you for coming again and for seeing the film,” was his greeting to me. God bless your movie, direk Cesar. It was also nice to meet up with Ms. Princess, John Prats and Kiko Estrada once again.  More worthwhile films to come!

Please come and watch Diyos-Diyosan starting May 4 at your nearest favorite theater now.  Please vote very, very wisely!

God bless our beloved Philippines!  ♥♥♥

Many thanks to Ms. Nadj and Anthony for the invite and privilege of covering this awesome film project! More to come!  ☺

Do Your Share…LIGHTS OUT! #EarthHour2016

Earth-Hour-ImageLet’s participate, Let’s heed the call…

770c27f7-bf42-48d8-bd1e-aec5a5924f50As climate change advocate Leonardo Di Caprio mentioned in his Oscar Awards acceptance speech,
“Let us not take climate change for granted.”

EH2016Switch that light off on March 19 … For just an hour worldwide can make a BIG difference!


Despite of Your “scandal” Honor Thy Father Did Not Disappoint (Me)

Honor_Thy_Father_posterHONOR THY FATHER
Directed by: Erik Matti
Starring: John Lloyd Cruz, Meryll Soriano, Dan Fernandez, Tirso Cruz III, Perla Bautista, Yayo Aguila, Khalil Ramos, William Martinez, Lander Vera Perez, Boom Labrusca, Krystal Brimner

I missed seeing this indie film during the Cinemalaya 2015 Festival last November. Learned a few months back that lead star and one of my fave character actor John Lloyd Cruz even shaved his head for the title role! Whoa! That’s how dedicated he is to the film!
HTF2When I learned that Honor Thy Father is showing again for the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF2015) I just could not miss watching it this time around. All was doing well until the news of its disqualification to be nominated as a Best Picture nominee erupted a day before the Awards Night December 27. Talk about “great timing” by the organizing committee. Of course HTF’s producers spoke out and aired their side for a reconsideration. There was even a clamor by film bloggers in social media to rally behind the movie. Even heard there were pull outs of the movie from some theaters. Tsk, tsk…

And so I finally viewed Honor Thy Father last December 27th and it did not disappoint my expectations.
The film revolved around the promise of get-rich-quick schemes that may be too good to be true, but are also too tempting to ignore. Sob stories of people robbed of their hard-earned money by these schemes are in the news almost every day.

I really loved the location choice which was predominantly filmed up north in Baguio City in the Mountain Province and Bontoc. Acting was no problem as every actor displayed mastery in the delivery of their roles. It was my first time seeing young actor Khalil Ramos on the big screen and was very impressed! Keep it up Khalil! I applaud Direk Erik for a socially-relevant film here even if I kinda was not in favor of the ending scene but still you all have my thumbs up, direk EM and JLC and Meryll. Congrats!
HTF3And so the MMFF 2015 Awards Night sailed on and here were the “deserving awards” garnered by Honor Thy Father minus of course the covered possibility of bagging the Best Picture award!

Honor Thy Father is still showing in a theater near you and hoping no more film pull outs until the end of the MMFF 2015 Festival a few days after New Year’s week.



PLDT Ambassador Pia Wurtzbach Brings HOME the Coveted Miss Universe 2015 Crown

Manila, Philippines – After a 42-year drought for the crown, the Philippines makes pageant history once again.

Miss Philippines and PLDT HOME DSL ambassador Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach was recently crowned Miss Universe 2015 after a dramatic coronation night held at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Wurtzbach bested 80 women from various parts of the globe to claim the country’s third Miss Universe title. She follows in the footsteps of Gloria Diaz who won in 1969 and Margie Moran who brought home the crown in 1973.

“We could not be any more proud of our very own PLDT HOME DSL ambassadress as she embarks on this new journey as Ms. Universe 2015.” PLDT VP and HOME Marketing Director Gary Dujali said. “Pia has been with us throughout the year as we aggressively went around the country bringing the family-sized broadband connection of HOME DSL to more Filipino homes nationwide.”

PLDT HOME DSL is the country’s number one broadband with over one million subscribers. For more information, log on to www.pldthome.com

Congratulations dear Pia! Thanks be to God for your coveted win! See you soon!

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