Congrats 2017 MBC Drama Awards Winners

What a year 2017 has been for the many Korean Dramas produced and watched over at MBC. And most of them I have personally seen and enjoyed.

The 2017 MBC Drama Awards was recently held December 30, 2018 and the evening was graced by the best and brilliant actors and actresses Korean television has to offer.

Congrats to all the nominees and especially the winners who took home a trophy and lovely bouquet of flowers from MBC.

I am biased with the win of Yoo Seungho, one of my favorite Korean actors who began his career as a child actor and at only 25 has already seemed to accomplish a lot of film and KDrama adventures. I have watched most of his KDramas to date. So happy and proud of his latest win, a deserving award to a very hardworking and passionate actor of his generation. Saranghae, Seungho!!! ♥

Top Excellence Award – Best Actor in a Miniseries
Yoo Seung-ho – “Ruler: Master of the Mask”

Ha JiWon, I am also fond of your acting and beauty onscreen. Happy and proud as well of your latest recognition for your medical portrayal on “Hospital Ship”. You and CNBLUE’s Kang MinHyuk really look cute and adorbs as well as the rest of the exciting/funny cast.

Top Excellence Award – Best Actress in a Miniseries
Ha Ji-won – “Hospital Ship”

Since watching you in another network’s KDrama, you have captured my attention to your liking and how teasing you can be on your roles. Kim Jung Hyun I hope to see more of your handsome face on TV!

Best New Actor Kim Jung-hyun
 – “Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People
MyungSoo, just keep on doing what is best when it comes to your singing and acting career. But I also hope to see and watch more of your doing another period drama, and perhaps a romcom and mystery drama. Fighting!
Best Character and Popularity Award Kim MyungSoo — Ruler: Master of the Mask

2017 MBC Drama Awards Honor Roll:

Kim Sang Joong – Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People

Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People

[Serial Drama]
Actor: Go Se Won – Return of the Lucky Pot
Actress: Kim Mi Kyung – Person Who Gives Happiness

[Monday Tuesday Drama]
• Kim Ji Suk – 20th Century Boy and Girl
• Jo Jung Suk – Two Cops
Actress: Lee Honey – Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People

[Weekend Drama]
Actor: Jang Hyuk – Money Flower

Actor: Yoo Seung Ho – Ruler: Master of the Mask
Actress: Ha Ji Won – Hospital Ship

[Serial Drama]
Actor: Kang Kyung Jun – Sisters-in-law
Actress: Song Sun Mi – Return of the Lucky Pot

[Monday Tuesday Drama]
Actor: Kim Sun Ho – Two Cops
Actress: Chae Su Bin – Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People

[Weekend Drama]
Actor: Jang Seung Jo – Money Flower
Actress: Jang Hee Jin – You Are Too Much

Actor: Shin Sung Rok – Man Who Dies To Live
Actress: Han Sun Hwa – Radiant Office

Actor: Kim Myung Soo (L) – Ruler: Master of the Mask
Actress: Kim So Hyun – Ruler: Master of the Mask

[Serial Drama]
Actor: Ahn Nae Sang – Golden Pouch
Actress: Song Ok Sook – Person Who Gives Happiness

[Monday Tuesday Drama]
Actor: Jung Bo Suk – The King In Love
Actress: Seo I Suk – Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People

[Weekend Drama]
Actor: Ahn Gil Kang – Bad Thief, Good Thief
Actress: Shin Dong Mi – Father I’ll Take Care of You

Actor: Oh Jung Se – Missing 9
• Kim Sun Kyung – Ruler: Master of the Mask
• Jang Shin Young – Radiant Office

• Nam Da Reum – The King In Love
• Lee Ro Woon – Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People

Villain Award :
• Choi Tae Joon – Missing 9
‘Most Wounded’ (lol due to fight scenes :p) Award
• Kim Myung Soo (L) – Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People
Comedic Character Award
• Jung Kyung Ho – Missing 9

Hwang Jin Young – Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People

• Kim Sun Ho – Two Cops
• Kim Jung Hyun – Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People

• Seo Joo Hyun (Seohyun) – Bad Thief, Good Thief

Credits:  Thank you to Sleepless Alliana and HanCinema.Net



Thank You 2017…Buckle Up 2018!

Thank you for the many adventures 2017, whether pleasant or not…LIFE goes on…
We learn some…we learn more and more…

Here’s to a more pleasant and bountiful, and joyous and stress-free 2018!
More opportunities to come, please?!

Your Happy Camper wishes you all a very Happy and Fabulous NY 2018
See you all next year!

☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥   ☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥  ☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥

Heart of Kapitan For the Country’s Heroes

PAL continues to support the PH troops amid the Marawi crisis by granting special privileges to AFP and PNP personnel. Earlier this month, PAL chairman Dr. Lucio Tan has also personally turned over a P2 million check donation to support the country’s soldiers.

Philippine Airlines Chairman Lucio C. Tan is granting special privileges for the men and women of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police in recognition of their sacrifices for the country.

Dr. Tan is granting 40 kilos free baggage allowance to AFP and PNP personnel in active service traveling on all PAL domestic routes on official or personal capacity.

Military personnel are required to present their valid identification card upon check in at the airport. Baggage in excess of the free baggage allowance of 40 kilos shall be assessed the applicable excess baggage rates.

This grant, which is applicable across all fare brands, shall be valid only for travel until 31 December 2017.

My heart goes out to our country’s heroes and heroines who have sacrificed their lives in the battlefield and to all those who continue fighting to save Marawi and other critical areas. You deserve the country’s highest honor,”stressed Chairman Tan.

In addition, a 20% discount on ALL regular domestic fare brands (except budget economy fare brands) is also being provided to all active members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police for any type of travel – official or personal. AFP and PNP personnel must present a valid ID card upon ticketing.


Last July 25, 2017, President Rodrigo Duterte honored fallen soldiers of Marawi in Malacanang Palace with the family members of deceased soldiers as special guests.

PAL is extending two free domestic tickets to Manila for each family attending the said event called “Salamat Magigiting na Mandirigma, Go Negosyo Kapatid from Marawi Financial Assistance to the Families of Fallen Heroes”.

The flag carrier donated two million pesos to the AFP for the soldiers who are fighting or have fought in Marawi.

The Tan Yan Kee Foundation – the corporate social responsibility arm of the LT Group as well as the PAL foundation are carrying out donation drives and humanitarian cargo grants, respectively, for those affected by the Marawi situation.

Disaster Awareness Month With the Help of BPI-Philam

Press Release: 

The Philippines isn’t new to natural disasters or calamities.


Compared to its other Southeast Asian neighbors, our country experiences a wider range of disasters. From floods to landslides, and typhoons to earthquakes – the most recent of which just happened in Leyte with a magnitude of 6.5 – the Philippines continues to endure and survive. Though the government does its best in preparing for and anticipating these times of emergency through awareness efforts and disaster response drills, self-mitigation is still an area that we can further improve on.


Surendra Menon, CEO of the country’s premier bancassurance company, BPI-Philam, learned from the resiliency of Filipinos and their experience in times of crisis, believing this has given them a good start in disaster preparedness.


“Most Asian countries don’t have typhoons; most of them are prepared for floods, fires, and some earthquakes. But here you have the full range – you have typhoons, you have earthquakes, tsunamis, even volcanoes. Most things about disaster preparedness Filipinos have learned because you’ve gone through it all,” he said


Despite this vast experience of the nation, Menon encourages practicing resourcefulness by taking notes from disaster responsiveness of other countries in the region. Having worked and lived in Indonesia, he recalls the massive 1989 earthquake that hit its West Papua region, where countless people died and survivors ran out of supplies in a few months’ time, remaining displaced years after the incident.


He believes Indonesians and Filipinos are somewhat similar given their experiences, but Filipinos can up their preparedness by starting with themselves.


“Disaster has a long-term impact, but only short-term assistance will come so it’s up to you to bridge the gap between short-term assistance and long-term necessities,” he stressed.





Menon, who served as a Lieutenant Captain for Singapore’s Civil Defense Forces, shared some practical tips that could help anybody self-mitigate in times of disaster.


“On a physical basis, make sure you have two weeks’ worth of water in your house. The first and foremost necessity for survival is water,” Menon said. “You will need food – dry food like biscuits that can last for two weeks as well for you and your family should be enough to go around when a disaster strikes and until help comes.”


Apart from physical needs, he also reminded Filipinos to have available cash at hand for emergency purchases and backup funds in the bank. “Maintaining an insurance plan would help too,” he said. “Prioritize protection from accidents first, then your health and life [insurance].”



Prioritize today, protect the future


Starting and maintaining financial contingency plans may not seem to be a priority for the average Filipino worker, but Menon believes foresight is a good thing to have, not just for ourselves but for those who matter to us most.


“The order of priority for your funds should be ‘today’ first and then ‘immediate emergency,'” he said.

“The next priority after that should be protecting your future income, preferably through a life insurance plan, so your family won’t have to worry about resources should something happen to you.”


Confident of the Filipinos’ indomitable spirit – the driving force against some of the worst natural and man-made disasters that hit the region – Menon is convinced the Philippines can only get more resilient through learnings from past calamities and ensure enough preparation for life’s uncertainties.


Hey There Mighty MARCH!

Wow! Fabulous February just came and went! Thank you my dear birth month…lots of great stuff went by then and I had a busy working birthday which I am thankful for.

I miss my Mom each and everyday. She’s always stuck with me thru thick and thin like what every Mom should… ♥♥♥ Heavenly Hello up there, Ma!

And here we are on the 3rd month of 2017…Hey there Mighty March! and it’s gotten already hot in the city…Signalling the entry of our Summer season here in the Philippines.

Looking forward to out of town coverages, which for sure will be utterly coooool !!! ☺☺

Happy 40th Anniversary ACER!


On October 26, Acer and its co-hosts held a forum titled “Smart Cities of a New Si-vilization” in Taipei. As the final event to wrap up the company’s 40th anniversary celebration, Acer invited government and industry leaders to discuss and share their thoughts about the future of global technology.

Stan Shih, Acer’s Co-founder and Honorary Chairman took to the stage to deliver a keynote speech where he called on governments and businesses to encourage new thinking, people-centric innovation and integrated cross-industry capabilities with a service-oriented mindset.

Keynote speeches were also presented by industry leaders from Microsoft and TSMC. The keynote speeches were followed by a number of panel discussions and breakout lectures to discuss the many facets of creating smart cities and the New Si-vilization.”
The day-long event also included Acer’s Tech Showcase which gave attendees a look at what an early phase of the New Si-vilization could be by exhibiting a full suite of the company’s latest BYOC products in the segments of smart transportation and smart cities, smart retail and integrated enterprise communications, programming kits, life and wellness solutions, among other applications of new people-centric technologies and solutions.

The forum was hosted jointly by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, National Development Council and Acer Inc.


From Meralco: Lower Energy Rates this June!

Changes in Residential BillsTyphoon season is upon us, but don’t expect sweater or blanket weather soon. It’s still hot and humid! What’s hotter is Meralco’s good news: lower electricity rates this June!

The country’s largest power distributor has announced that residential rates would go down by around Php 0.13 per kWh this month. Meralco says the rate reduction is due to lower generation charges, which is the cost of producing electricity collected by Meralco in behalf of generation companies. In fact, this June’s generation charge is the lowest since October 2004.

Electricity rates 2014-June 2016Aside from the reduced generation charge, taxes and other charges were also lower at Php 0.033 per kWh. Meralco’s distribution, supply, and metering charges have remained unchanged for nearly a year now.

For an average Filipino household consuming around 200 kWh every month, the new rates mean a reduction of around Php 25 in their June bill.

Changes in Residential BillsMeanwhile, typhoon season also brings floods to many areas in Metro Manila. We can avoid accidents at home by keeping in mind these safety reminders from Meralco:

  • Turn off the circuit breaker or main power switch when it’s starting to flood.
  • Unscrew the light bulbs and unplug appliances.
  • When cleaning your circuit breaker, fuse and main power switch, wear rubber gloves and rubber-soled shoes to prevent electrocution.
  • Always hire a licensed electrician to check the electrical wiring. Don’t do it on your own!
  • Bring in your flood-submerged appliances to a professional before turning them on or using them again.

For more Meralco safety tips or if you have any questions, just visit the website, or follow them on Twitter (@meralco) and Facebook ( You may also call the Meralco 24-hour Call Center at 16211.

Meralco Spokesperson Joe Zaldarriaga showing the decrease in electricity rates this June 2016

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