Are You Ready for Ballet Manila’s “Don Quixote”?


Ballet Manila Opens 2017 with a Classic Masterpiece

I personally always look forward to every shows and productions mounted by one of the country’s premiere ballet company, Ballet Manila. Most especially their year opener of a well loved classic—- DON QUIXOTE which I haven’t seen or watched in full on the ballet stage.

Happening on February 24 and 25, 2017 at 8:00 p.m. and on February 26, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. at Aliw Theater, Don Quixote is known in the ballet world as one of the most technically challenging pieces ever created, with some of the choreography raising the already high international standards when it first premiered in 1869at the Tsar’s Imperial Ballet of St. Petersburg. It is especially known for its compulsory quick and strong movements, high vertical takeoffs, one arm lifts, quick fouettes, quadruple pirouettes, and Kitri’s signature move, the Plisetskaya head-kick.

Don Quixote is the closing act for Ballet Manila’s 21st performance season.Set in Spain, the story tells the tale of Don Quixote,who decides to become a knight and embark on a journey to find Lady Dulcinea, a lover that he has only made up in his head.  The ballet places special focus on the love story between Kitri and Basilio, a pair he encounters during his adventures.The production combines great acrobatic feats, lively music, colorful sets and costumes, and a lot of comedic elements. Specially for this run, Ballet Manila will bring in Kremlin Ballet Theater star and principal danseur, Mikhail Martynyuk, to play Basilio.

“Our 21st performance season, Revenge of the Classics, has allowed us to mark so many milestones not just for Ballet Manila, but for the country as well,” says Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, Ballet Manila’s CEO and Artistic Director. “Therefore, we only find it fitting to close it with a true classic—one that’s opulent, captivatingly elaborate, and serves as a true testament to the strength, passion, and skills of our dancers, who are all trained in the Vaganova Academy Style of dancing.”

She continues, “Don Quixote is kind of like my signature ballet. It’s the ballet that reallybrought me to the spotlight, and Kitri is my most performed role. I’m so excited for this production because I feel like this is me handing down the role to Ballet Manila’s next generation of principal dancers.” Alternating for the role of Kitri are Katherine Barkman, Pia Dames, andDawna Mangahas, who will be partnered by Martynyuk,

Lisa adds that the public should also watch out for the ballet’s production elements. “We are revamping some elements of our staging from previous ones. We are going all out with stage designs, props, and costumes. We’re not holding back for Don Quixote. Everyone should really watch out for it.”

Don Quixote is co-presented by the Manila Broadcasting Company, Star City, and Aliw Theater. Other sponsors include ACS Manufacturing Corporation, First United Corporation, Papa John’s Pizza, Hot Star Chicken, Oasis Paco Park Hotel, Microtel Wyndham Hotels, Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas, City Garden Suites Malate,Island Rose, and Philcom. Official ride partner is Grab Philippines. To learn more about it, visit or follow Ballet Manila on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Tickets are also available through all Ticketworld outlets. Please call 8919999 or visit, for more information.

Here’s Looking At You New Year 2017

ny2017I guess it’s not too late to greet you and your families a very Happy and exciting New Year 2017 !!!
If you’re up to it, you can also share what are your New Year’s Resolutions no matter how cliche it sounds.

A lot of people I know are turned off with what happened last 2016 entertainment-wise. So here’s looking that this year will be a lot kinder.
Let\s just continue to hope and pray that globally, we will be more considerate and caring to Mother Earth so as to lessen the dangers that climate change could bring which is basically not so favorable. As for the rest, let there be world peace!

What is your kind wish for 2017?  ☺☺


My Mom, My Travel Angel

When was the last time you said “Thank You” to someone?

I guess this written post is an overdue tribute in saying Thank You to a special someone in my life.
230834_220761107937357_6274623_nI have always expressed my Thank You’s and gratitude to my beloved Mama in private. And as far back as I can remember, I say it through love letters or small Post It notes then I would sneak it inside her bag, under her plate or even her blouse pocket. Once she finds out, she would always respond and give her feedback by writing me back or throwing me a big, tight Mom hug!

I guess I am more of a Thank You daughter than a saying I Love You person. Well, from time to time I do. But the impact of saying “salamat” is vast and wide and to be specific, I am extending an eternal Thank You to my everdearest Mama when it comes to travel. Because of her, I am able to go, see and enjoy places domestically and internationally. It is true that everytime you travel, appreciating the culture of a new place and territory and it’s people makes it even more exciting!

Mom is the most energetic travel bug and outdoorsy person I have known. Travel is her way of communing and being one with nature. And everytime she goes out of town it’s when she releases tension and stress from work and sometimes from stubborn daughters like me and my sister. Ouch!
29785_129130587100410_225939_nA dedicated and passionate teacher even before I was born, Mom has gone to many out of town provinces thanks to the travel subsidy of their school which they call “Lakbay Aral”. So every summer, she and her co-teachers pick a really good destination and get there. My sister Michelle at times was able to tag along and join her in many wonderful trips to Palawan, Cagayan de Oro, Leyte, Bukidnon, Cebu, Bacolod and even Thailand which was her first ever international trip. And what a memorable trip to Bangkok they had from staying at a great hotel, haggled shopping, riding the “tuk tuk”, food trip galore and being impressed with a 747 boeing plane.

And speaking of airplanes, I came across this “Thank You” video campaign from Air Asia Philippines during my research online for a blog I was doing. The ad was a brief reminder especially this Yuletide season that we must indeed spread gratitude. That we should be grateful to whoever and whatever. Very touching isn’t it? I believe that appreciation be not limited to Christmas, but should be expressed for all time.

So thank you to my travel mate Mom, I was able to enjoy our unforgettable mother-daughter bonding when we went to Beijing, China! Too bad my sister was unable to come along because of work. Climbing the historic Great Wall of China was extra memorable with her and so were our street food tripping, thrift shopping and cold evening walks outside of our hotel. The best international travels we had with my sister were our trips to Hongkong and Singapore where we teased Mom to be the girlfriend of The Merlion because she literally did not want to leave the famous iconic symbol for some weird and strange reason after seeing it upclose. Well, that’s my Mama! ♥ 
29785_129130557100413_5059594_nShe would always remind me to travel when budget allows and to travel while we were still young with family to better appreciate the many wonderful and awesome spots out there waiting to be seen. Speaking of budget during our family travels, she would collect our monthly share of a thousand pesos for like a year or six months depending where our itchy feet would take us. Our ever favorite destinations are Baguio and Boracay and for the latter, we would patiently ride the RoRo bus getting there which takes like 16 hours to do so. But once we have arrived, we kick back and relax and enjoy the best sunsets along the beach in between Stations 1 and 2. Su-weeeeet!!!
sgBut Mama’s ultimate dream travel destination is the Holy Land and visit all the places Our Saviour went to. She dreams of even taking a relaxing cruise with my Dad. Everytime she see Bethlehem on TV or in cable, I would always here her say, “One day I am going to get there by the grace of God.” She never ceased praying.

In the past couple of years, Mama travelled less due to health reasons. She got herself into various medications. Good thing she took a lot of travel videos and would play them from time to time and it made her feel really good. There were so many accumulated clips my sister and I transferred them on CDs coming off the video cam. There are still a lot of short videos left in our cellfones waiting to be relocated.

October of last year I received an exclusive invite to travel down Coron, Palawan aboard a vessel that specializes in going to Tubbataha Reef. I have never been to Palawan before so I excitedly told Mama I am going there with a limited number of media people and the rest would be experienced divers. Mom had been there before but she was opposed to the idea of me joining. Maybe it was the mother instinct in her that she felt something was not good. But after convincing her not once but a few more times, she gave the green light. On the day of my departure for Batangas, I hugged her really tight and informed I shall share all my great Palawan experiences after five days.
196010_209049915775143_4970169_nMom reminds me to always pray especially when travelling. Along the way en route to Batangas Pier she sent me several text reminders and to pray the rosary for safety and guidance to our destination. She’s really a loving and caring mother. And when our group finally arrived in Palawan after two days I was ecstatic and thankful for experiencing this side of paradise. Coron is such a beautiful piece of nature! Makes you want to stay there longer. I took lots of pictures and videos for me to show Mom afterwards.
217252_220761687937299_4761167_nBut for some reason, fate did not allow me to share all my selfies, videos and wonderful and unforgettable adventures of Palawan to her. Mama went to heaven on the day our group arrived back to Batangas en route to Manila. I was crushed…so devastated and emotional to the point of breaking down in big sobs when my sister broke the sad news on the phone. I was in denial she was gone. Moreso, I was away but on my way back to her when she left. I was really looking forward to hugging her and sharing all the stories comparing notes of beautiful Palawan. If only she waited for me much longer…
200152_210758472270954_441294_nThat was more than a year now. It still hurts everytime I would recall that very bittersweet moment. The pain of losing someone you love dearly will never go away. Her personal travel videos are more meaningful and seeing her so happy in them makes more sense now. As family we miss her so much! I still cry a bucket everytime I watch the vids.
11143570_1175819105764881_1294158158339650966_nMy Mom…My Travel Angel has gone to the Holy Land. And tomorrow or later, she’s at Vatican City or on top of the Eiffel Tower or sipping a juice or two by the shoreline of her favorite beach spot in Boracay…

Thank You Mama…for everything… and for the lovely gift of travel which I will continue to do because by visiting and exploring more places, you are very much alive! Love youuuuuu!!! ♥♥

1521537_950154808331313_4890712711350786131_nSo please say and express THANK YOU not later…but now…

Get Your Spook in “Mulagat” A Multi Sensorial Horror Play

mulagatMULAGAT is a multi-sensorial immersive horror play being staged at the Black Box theater of the College of St. Benilde SDA Campus by TAXI Theater. I love scary and horrific stuff and mounting such premise in a play via theater is no easy cake. But I have to give it up to director-friend Eric Villanueva and his team for pulling this one off!

Written & Directed by Eric Villanueva Dela Cruz

6/F Black Box Theater
Benilde School of Design and Arts Campus
P. Ocampo St., Malate, Manila

October 14 – 4PM & 8PM (LIMITED)
October 15 – 4PM & 8PM (LIMITED)
October 16 – 4PM (SOLD OUT)
October 16 – 8PM
October 21-23 – 4PM & 8PM
October 28-29 – 4PM & 8PM

For inquiries, call or text 0908 485 4983 or send us a message

Follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat @taxitheater for more updates.

#TaxiTheater #TaxiMulagat #horror #theater #production #multisensorial#theaterinthedark

mulagat2Director Eric Villanueva dela Cruz during press preview night. 
mula4Q&A with the director and cast. Thank you to good friend Cathrine Go for the cool invite! 
mula6Spooking with the lead actor Timorhy Castillo. Not bad, haha! 
mulagat3Q&A with direk Eric 
mula5Did we scare you enough? Congrats Cathrine and Dylan Ray! 
mula3There were really spooky moments in your play, direk Eric that gave me gooosebumps! Congrats my friend! ☺ 
mula2Come and watch and get spooked scared in time for Halloween. Let’s support MULAGAT!

Oh You’re Here, October!

october2No matter how late it looks like….here’s wishing “HELLO OCTOBER!”
From what time zone was I in not to notice the turning of a new ber month?
Let more good vibes in! ☺☺
We miss you a lot, Mom! ♥♥♥

The Blueman Group Colorfully Invades Manila!

bluemangrpThis was how I felt after watching #BluemanGroup here in Manila last September 15, 2016 at the Theater Solaire !!!  ☺☺ They were freakin’ awesooooome!!!
The entire concept was mind blowing! The lights, sounds, visual effects and content were tops! No wonder the show has been seen by 35 million wordwide! I tell you now that the show is really worth watching and it will rekindle the inner child in you. There’s lots of humour which I enjoyed.
14352430_1406858495994273_424917161387228687_oCaught myself a really handsome BLUE GUY!!! Believe me he’s got very nice eyelashes! ☺☺ #BluemanSelfie
bmg3bmg2bmg4bmg5bmgThey are original and unique! Nothing I’ve seen before and I am an instant fan of their stage and show concept! Out of this world! Far out!!!  And when they say it’s a concert party, we did have a party courtesy of a lot of props and stuff I never expected I’d see!

BLUE MAN GROUP creates experiences that defy categorisation, taking the audience on a journey that is funny, intelligent and visually stunning, culminating in the trademark Blue Man Group finale in a blissful party atmosphere. BLUE MAN GROUP is accompanied by a live band whose tribal rhythms help drive the show to its unforgettable climax.

Reconnect with your inner child, re-experience mischievousness and sheer joy, and see what fun three guys can have with 30 litres of paint and 55 mashed-up bananas in the space of an hour and a half!

Don’t miss the show that has captivated 35 million people worldwide across 15 countries.

BLUE MAN GROUP – enemy of monotony, remedy for boredom, promoter of overjoy and elation.

bmg13-2With two of my really nice showbiz friends, Rovilson Fernandez and Marc Nelson, post-show, who I joked would pass as Blueman No. 4 and 5, haha! But Rovilson was quick to say they are the “rejects” instead, lolz! ☺☺☺

bmg6 bmg8bmg10 bmg11 bmg9Here with my great friend Donna and the rest of the #BluemanGroup crew who were more than remarkable! These guys are so talented and brilliant in their craft!

Many thanks to my cool friend “MC” who was my guardian angel and thoughtfully remembered me. I got to watch a show of a lifetime as a compliment! Mwah! ♥
So if any of you reading this is in Manila, Philippines right now, here’s the rest of their showdates. Come and watch it and EXPERIENCE AWESOME!!!
I want to watch it again and again! How I wished though I saw this show with my (busy) sister and my Mom (in heaven) who I’m 200% sure will LIKE it   ☺☺

Catch #BluemanGroup on their remaining Manila shows:
Sept 21 (Wed) 8:00 PM
Sept 22 (Thu) 8:00 PM
Sept 23 (Fri) 8:00 PM
Sept 24 (Sat) 2:00 PM / 8:00 PM
Sept 25 (Sun) 2:00 PM

The Theatre at Solaire
Solaire Resort & Casino
1 Aseana Avenue, Entertainment City
Paranaque City



The Incredible (Czech) Iva BITTOVA and *Ne nehledej*

Discovered this remarkable and incredible piece from a recent ballet production show here in Manila
choreographed by David Campos of Barcelona, Spain for Ballet Philipines’ #FirebirdAndOtherBallets
August 19-21, 2016 held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

The talented artist is Czech born Ms. IVA BITTOVA! You’re a genius Iva and muchas gracias David for sharing it with the Filipino audience. Unforgettable!

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