IronMan Melbourne 2014 – You guys did it! CONGRATS!

IronMan Melbourne 2014 - You guys did it! CONGRATS!

This year’s edition of IronMan Melbourne was held in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia with more than 2,500 triathletes from all over the world joining. 3/23/2014
The course was consisted of 3.8 KM swim, 180KM bike and 42KM run. This is what they call a FULL IronMan distance.

bockeLFor the Men’s PRO, Luxembourg’s Dirk Bockel @dirkbockel crossed the finish line first with a time of 8:01:01 who broke away with an unexpected lead past favored Aussie’s Paul Matthews @paulbarny and David Dellow @David_Dellow who clocked in at 8:03:13 and 8:03:06 respectively.  The unprecedented course record of 8 hours still belongs to Australian and former IM World Champion Craig Alexander who rallied at 5th place clocking in at 8:05:46.

xenaVengeance was sweet for Swiss triathlete Caroline Steffen @Caroline_Xena today crossing the palm-tree lined IM Melbourne finish line at an impressive Sub 9 or 8:57:56. She held the same title back in 2012 but ended at only 3rd place last year. Hats off to you Iron Lady!
Rounding up the Top 3 were equally strong athletes Americans Mary Beth Ellis @marybethellis and first time on the podium Kim Schwabenbauer @FuelYourPassion with race times of 9:02:14 and 9:10:05. Sooo wicked!

Congrats to the rest of elite podiumers and all the 2,000++ brave warriors who took the strength and courage in finishing a tough and gruelling course. Mighty proud of you guys!


Top Male PRO finisher Dirk Bockel down on his knees and relishing his awesome IM Melbourne win!





Bodivance and Its Wonders – A Product Review


I have seen and encountered Bodivance as a product breakthrough back in early 2011 when I started to join fun runs regularly. They would have display tarps and a booth on most runs I participated in. There were demo peeps who would apply the product mostly on the runner’s lower leg or calves area. The lines were always long pre-race and I would not have the time to have my legs tested on this cream. Moreso after the race, the queue would double and even triple losing my chance again of a product sample. I have also read positive testimonials about the product but of course feedbacks can be varied. My time would come too, I always tell myself.  

Fast forward and three years later, I finally got my chance to encounter Bodivance once more thanks to this year’s 10th edition of the PSE Bull Run organized by Ad Events who’s head Ms. MeAnne Ringor is a good friend of yours truly. Got introduced to the gracious Ms. Rudielynn and Patrick of the Bodivance Team and was requested to make a product review. Hoping this post is not too late to accommodate an irresistable request.


With Ms.Rudielynn Casimiro-Gracilla of Bodivance Team Philippines during PSE Bull Run 2014 at BGC

Bodivance boasts of its Thermogenic Action feature, meaning the body generates heat, or energy, by increasing the metabolic rate above normal. This rise in metabolic rate is referred to as the thermogenic effect, Having to do warm-ups before a run or any physical activity such as gym time or doing aerobics, zumba, body combat or the like is a must to properly condition our bodies to avoid probable injuries. But what if for some reason, you won’t have the time to do it? Which sometimes I am guilty of, your honor.


The Wonders of Bodivance

I put their product to the test courtesy of an 800 ml Bodivance pump bottle during a recent trip to Subic Bay to cover an international triathlon event. I applied the cream evenly on both legs and very noticeable right away was its nice nose-friendly scent. Not too spicy. The heat kept my legs warm as it was a chilly morning to go for a nice jog alongside cool friend Donna, from our hotel to another popular ocean-side hotel, The Lighthouse which was roughly 2Kms. Usually, without proper warm up or muscle conditioning,  I would notice early stress or tension on my calves which may lead into a potential minor cramping. But with this thermogenic action, I hardly felt any discomfort as we managed a relaxed 4Kms run/jog. The cream also did not leave any stain on my jogging pants which was another plus factor which won’t give me laundry concerns. Surprisingly, there were still trace of the cream after that fun jog. For a first time user, I must say I was impressed! Great job, Bodivance! 


Bodivance has conquered Subic Bay! With adventure friend Ms.Donna during our morning jog at SBMA

I did a longer run session after returning to Manila. I wanted to find out if my pre-run dose of Bodivance will help me prevent in experiencing muscle tension after running/jogging for more than an hour which in my normal commercial runs is usually the time when my legs start to get tired especially after having to run through uphill portions of a route. Not being biased with this product, I must say I felt relaxed and hardly worried I would encounter muscle fatigue. It could also be psychological I did not become anxious that something wrong might happen to my legs or ankles along the way since most the time I run solo. The dreaded cramps (all runner’s fear) can also be avoided! Yeyy! ☺ 


Putting the Thermogenic Accelerator into action! I love the fine scent too!

If you haven’t tried or sampled Bodivance yet before and after doing your fitness regimen and workouts, I strongly suggest that you do so and head on to your nearest sports store. You’ll thank me later. Try out their Bodivance 5ml Sachet which is good for 2-3 uses. It costs P55.00/pc. Now if that is not enough for you, the 800ml Bodivance Pump Bottle can last for about one to one-and-a-half months on an average use of 3-4 times a week. This one is priced at P800.00. There is also the Bodivance 5ml X 30 Sachet Pack good for invidvidual or share it with the whole team.costing P1,500. You can also purchase their products online by clicking HERE

These past few days, I am road-testing a new pair of running shoes that entailed adjustment to my flat-footed pair of feet. So far so good. Happy with results that my legs are conditioned. That it gets a gpod amount of heat. Lesser worries. My muscles have also grown accustomed to the Bodivance thermogenic effect after regularly using it in such a short period of time. For me, this product really works! 

Experience and feel the difference

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You can learn more about Bodivance on LIKE their Facebook page 

Where to Buy? View the list HERE


*** Many thanks Ms. Rudielynn Casimiro-Gracilla of Bodivance Team Philippines.  

Run Event: Salomon X-Trail Run 2014



April 12   Saturday
Hamilo Coast

I ran in this event for the first time last year 2013. Having had several trail runs before this one, believe me it was one of the toughest 12Km trail I and my feet have ever experienced! Thank God I made it at the finish line and never gave up. 

Hamilo Coast in Batangas is one of the best spots for such an event organized by Salomon Pilipinas. Maximum distance was only 24Kms last year but for April 12, runners will test and defy their limits further courtesy of an extended distance — 32Kms! Trail runners for this distance should and must train very hard to overcome a gruelling course! I have also learned to love and respect each trail topography even more for no two trails are eactly alike in my opinion.

Friendly reminders: 

Registration will be accepted ONLY at R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street from March 31 to April 6 or until slots run out. 



Mandatory items include: 
headlamp, whistle, hydration gear – 24KM & 32KM
hydration gear — 6KM & 12KM 

The Salomon X-Trail has been present in the Southeast Asia Region since 2008 – in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia & the Philippines.  The Global ‘X-Trail’ branding is reputed to be a technical trail running race, with mixture of different terrain surfaces including dirt, rocks, sand & concrete paths. In the 12Philippines, this is our first time to introduce the Mountain Run Category, which simulates the vertical ascents of skyrunning—the turf where Salomon dominates in.

TRAIN HARD, RACE HARD!! See you on the trail!

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