Attain Only the Limitless with SvelT’i


Looking good and great and feeling young energized is what we always aim for now that there are several ways and means how to obtain it.

In this day and age where technology has inevitably become a part of our daily lives, we are subconsciously living limitlessly with almost everything readily available at the tip of our fingers. It has led to so many discoveries, better establishments, and better luxuries and has dramatically changed our daily lives. From the way we communicate to speedy internet connection, from the academe to various industries, and from healthcare to aesthetics. Even in aesthetics and especially in the field of beauty, technology has been a huge driving force behind their huge improvements.  

For the past two years, SvelT’i has been creating sweeping possibilities that unlock the customers’ health and beauty potentials while satisfying their needs and demands. To keep up with the changing times and as a way to say ‘Thank you’ for the customers’ continued trust, SvelT’i now offers a new set of services that aim to further defy the limits that constrict an individual’s health and attractiveness. Starting April, the clinic has been offering the latest techniques in minimally invasive treatments- from botox, dermal fillers, non-surgical nose lifts (HIKO), platelet rich plasma (vampire face lift), mesotherapy, sclerotherapy, to thread lift.
Dermal Fillers 
Filler injections are used to smooth moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, shape facial contours and add to volume loss to aging face. It is used to heighten the nose, transform tired looking sunken under eyes to a fresher look, rejuvenate or make the lips plumper, add volume to the cheeks and even augment the chin to make it more proportion to the face.HIKO
HIKO is a non-surgical noselift procedure that enhances the feature of the nose. It is an extremely popular procedure which gives the nose more definitive structure and lifts the nose tip. This involves inserting threads into the nose bridge and the tip. Combining nose threads and nose fillers will give you long lasting, higher and sharper nose creating the nose you’ve always wanted with minimal downtime.


Thread lifting is a popular, non-invasive procedure that aims to reduce deep lines, facial folds, and sagging in the most natural way. These treatments are used mainly on the face but can also be applied on the neck and other body areas. SvelT’i is offering two types of thread lifting: V lift and Beauty thread.

These procedures can stimulate the production of collagen the protein which gives our skin the youthful glow, causing tightness in the area. All types of threads tighten the surrounding tissues and increase blood supply resulting to a healthier and tighter looking skin making you look five to ten years younger. Now, who would’ve thought that a nonsurgical threadlift can give youthful longevity?


Spider veins that hinder the flaunting of smooth and toned leg scan be treated with sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is used to treat blood vessels like spider veins and smaller varicose veins. Sclerosing solution is injected to the unwanted veins which causes them to shrink and dissolve over a period of weeks as the body naturally absorbs the treated vein. Sclerotherapy in combination with SvelT’i’s Laser Vein treatment makes recurrence of unsightly veins less likely.

The platelet-rich plasma or vampire facelift includes drawing blood from the patient, separating the platelets then injecting it back into the skin.  The platelets are high in growth factor that helps stimulate the skin to regenerate and aid in cell turnover, making it look youthful and vibrant. This procedure can be done not just on the face but on other aging parts of the body like the neck and hands. It also aids in addressing hair loss or thinning.

These minimally invasive treatments together with the existing noninvasive procedures of SvelT’i assures the client that he or she can be transformed into a younger and better-looking person with no surgery and minimal down-time. And with this kind of technology, it’s absolutely possible to take a few years off the face with lesser expense and pain unlike surgery.

Living limitless begins with a choice and everyone has that choice. The choice to live a life without bounds. The choice to be a better and beautiful you! With all these new offerings from SvelT’i, there are no restrictions, no stopping points, and nothing will hold a person back from making herself feel well and look beautiful.


To know more about SvelT’i, you may inquire at (02)332-7546 / 09188-SVELTI (783584) or visit the clinic at 5F South Insula Condominium #61 Timog Avenue, Quezon City from Mondays to Fridays from 9am-6pm and Saturdays from 8am-1pm. You may also visit SvelT’i FB page at and IG account @SVELTI_PH.



Ballet Plus More at the Lisa Macuja School of Ballet Manila

For those with artistic inclinations, enrolling in ballet classes makes perfect sense. Institutions like The Lisa Macuja School of Ballet Manila offer a perfect environment for nurturing the love for the craft. There’s a supportive community for learning, a safe venue for training, and the guidance of the best in the region; CEO and Artistic Director Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, Co-Artistic Director Osias Barroso, and other world-class trainers.

But there’s more to ballet than just strength and grace. Beyond the Vaganova technique, students also learn about passion, hard work, determination—the list just grows longer at every stage in life.

Contributing to Childhood

Studies have shown that cultivating a child’s creativity improves their mental ability later on in life. Most children develop an interest in music and dance from an early age, so parents nurture it by enrolling them in special ballet classes that are lighter, more playful, and fit for their attention span. Interaction with other children at this stage also means that their social skills receive a big boost.

Ballet is best learned while a child’s mind and body are at their most limber. Age-appropriate classes for older kids maximize these by teaching not only all the basic movements and concepts, but also discipline and focus early on. An increase in concentration reaps benefits outside the studio—don’t be surprised if their grades in school get better.

Aiding Adolescence

Teenage life can be tricky, but with ballet, they’ll be able to train discipline and determination along with the arts. More advanced combinations are taught in ballet lessons for this age segment, where they build strength not only in their pointe work, but also in their mind. They get a chance to perform in front of an audience, which develops confidence and self-esteem during this very crucial part of life.

Most students already have the hang of ballet at this point, with some even considering a career in the arts. At the very least, they’ve already developed an appreciation for a healthier lifestyle, as is the case with exposure to any physical recreation.

Forever a Fit

If you think ballet is only for those who started as children, think again because it’s never too late to pursue the arts. Places like Ballet Manila offer classes for all ages and skill levels, whether it’s for fun, for fitness, or a mix of both. Even complete beginners can feel right at home, as Ballet Manila fosters a friendly and supportive environment that accommodates every learning pace.

Whatever your creative or fitness goals may be, it’s a good idea to pursue them at The Lisa Macuja School of Ballet Manila—the only ballet school in the Philippines with direct links to the Russian Ballet Academy of St. Petersburg, Russia.

For more information regarding rates, program details, and schedules in both Pasay and Quezon City branches, just visit


A P24 Treat from Cowboy Grill @24

When someone mentions Cowboy Grill place or restaurant, it is immediately associated with great “pulutan” or meaty eats over drinks of beer or a variety of cocktail drinks plus awesome LIVE band music situated in the heart of Manila.

If yours truly has an event or show at the CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) or within the area, we would continue the after show party and get together at Cowboy Grill for those reasons mentioned earlier. ☺

And  did you know that dear Cowboy Grill is celebrating their 24th anniversary this year? Time really fliest super fast the restaurant is a year shy from celebrating its silver year.

Just recently, we received a personal invitation to grace the recently-held blogger’s conference to announce one of Cowboys Grill’s several promos lined up.

The first Cowboy Grill started when Shakey’s decided to shift to a family-oriented restaurant from a food outlet with live entertainment. To retain the live band concept, the owners decided to establish Cowboy Grill, right next to Shakey’s.

Cowboy Grill celebrates it’s 24 years in the business of giving the people a happy place to eat and drink. Having a great place with great entertainment, delicious and reasonably priced dishes, attentive and friendly staff as well as keeping up with the latest trends are their strong foundations that keeps them going for all these years. 

“For the past 24 years, we remain steadfast in providing our valued guests with high quality entertainment and premium products that are reasonably priced and served promptly by our friendly employees. We are so thankful to our loyal guests who have continued to support and patronize us. We are celebrating a milestone with a renewed passion and a vision for the future,” said Mr. Solomon Caasi, Jr., Cowboy Grill’s chief operating officer.“For the past 24 years, we remain steadfast in providing our valued guests with high quality entertainment and premium products that are reasonably priced and served promptly by our friendly employees. We are so thankful to our loyal guests who have continued to support and patronize us. We are celebrating a milestone with a renewed passion and a vision for the future,” said Mr. Solomon Caasi, Jr., Cowboy Grill’s chief operating officer.

“We are planning to adapt a family-oriented restaurant concept, while retaining the live band concept. We want to create a good balance between the two concept. The live bands remains our biggest draw, our biggest competitive edge. But we also want to welcome other market segment which we have yet to tap,” he continued.

“We are planning to adapt a family-oriented restaurant concept, while retaining the live band concept. We want to create a good balance between the two concept. The live bands remains our biggest draw, our biggest competitive edge. But we also want to welcome other market segment which we have yet to tap,” he continued.

Established by its founding chairman Leopoldo L. Prieto, who brought the first Shakey’s Pizza restaurant in the Philippines, the first Cowboy Grill started when Shakey’s decided to shift to a family-oriented restaurant from a food outlet with live entertainment. To retain the live band concept, the owners decided to establish Cowboy Grill, right next to Shakey’s.

 Through the years, Cowboy Grill has evolved and became the best place where the party starts, with live bands, great food and unique experience.

 To this day, its guests enjoy freshly prepared items such as its famous Sisig dishes, Crispy Pata, Buffalo Wings, and Nachos. Though they still serve their bestsellers, Cowboy Grill has adapted with the times and now served pasta and chicken meals, as well as pizza choices such as Cowboy Especiale, Nachos Pizza, All-Meat Pizza, Seafood Pizza, Sisig Supreme and Manila Pizza, to cater to much wider taste preferences of its customers.

 This year, Cowboy Grill is gearing towards introducing its daytime operation. For the past years, Cowboy Grill operates from 6 p.m. to 5 a.m., opening its doors to dinner and party crowd. The company plans to shift to a more family-oriented concept, tapping the lunch crowd.

 As part of the ongoing improvements, Cowboy Grill will experiment with a more contemporary design which will influence the look of the brand as a whole.

 “Right now, our interiors has that bar look – with black chairs and tabletops, dimly lit interiors, strobe lights, among others. In the next months, we will undergo some renovations to balance the look – it needs to have that cozy, comfortable ambiance of a family restaurant, yet it has to still be edgy and contemporary that suits the party vibe,” according to Mr. Erickson Caper, marketing manager.

 Aside from this expansion, Cowboy Grill kick started the change with the introduction of the Hot & Ready take-out counter. Starting 9 a.m., the take-out counter opens its patrons to enjoy Cowboy Grill bestsellers on its off-hours. The company has also introduced its catering services, as well as delivery functions.

 “We are a one-stop shop for your dining needs. People think that Cowboy Grill is just a bar, no kids allowed. We want to change that perception. This year, we are working on re-introducing Cowboy Grill as a restaurant and bar. We are shifting from entertainment to family-oriented dining concept, extending our operation hours from 6p.m. to 5a.m. to 10a.m. to 5a..m., Mr. Caasi continued. “Aside from the main dining and live bands, we will focus on catering and function services, as well as delivery and takeout.”

Its loyal customers who always come to Cowboy Grill because of its live bands need not worry. The restaurant will retain the live band aspect of the business. Today, Cowboy Grill has a roster of approximately 30 bands performing different music genres. The bands have already gained their strong following among the customers.


“Cowboy Grill has always been synonymous with live bands. We will keep that concept. We are still looking at how to integrate the two concepts. Who knows we might even introduce acoustic performances with slow, chill music during the daytime, while they’ll be a full-set up for live bands at night. This year’s expansions and changes are just the turning points, leading to our 25th anniversary next year.”


Through the years, Cowboy Grill manages to maintain its growing business, anchored on good food, good service and quality entertainment and they shall continue to do so for many years to come. 

Congratulations and many more power and business years be unto you to our friends at Cowboy Grill!  

Next Level Business and Financing Thru DEBC 2018

Digital Marketing and E-commerce are the wave of the future. And this trend has slowly taken shape globally. The emergence of cyptocurrency and blockchain trading promises millions of opportunities for Filipinos wanting to earn money in the confines of their homes.

To know and find out more about this digital trend on financing and investment, DEBC or Digital Marketing E-Commerce and Blockchain Congress 2018 is happening this May 26 at the Grand Ballroom of the Luxent Hotel from 8am to 6pm.

During its recent media launch, we met John Calub who is the founder and leader of this congress being the country’s leading success coach and educator.

We also got introduced to Carl Ocab, who will share secrets on how to make money online by creating a website. He is one of the country’s top blogger featured in Forbes Magazine 30 who have earned their millions before age 30.

Photo Credit: Jayson Biadog

All the way from Baguio, Ariel Wanag, President of Crypto Master Traders, Incorporated was also a guest who will also share his ways and methods when it comes to crypto currency.

“It was quite hard and confusing at the start, but once you get to learn and study how it all is, you will find out that this kind of investment isn’t that difficult to deal with.” according to Mr. Wanag.

Photo Credit: Rikki Suarez

Straight from Hongkong, there was a video conference opposite Mr. Riku Onuma – COO of Kings Coin, who answered some questions regarding coin tokens. He is among the VIP guests who will grace DEBC event this coming weekend.

For more information on said event of Mr. Calub, please read on and see you on May 26!

ATTEND AND RECEIVE FREE BITCOIN (BTC)! Plus get a chance to win a 32-inch LED TV, a brand new cellphone and other amazing surprises!


Date: May 26, 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Venue: Grand Ballroom, Luxent Hotel, Timog Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines
Attire: Business Attire or Smart Casual (no slippers & shorts)


1. Eight ways to catapult your business & sales by using the latest digital marketing techniques
2. How to instantly grow your business globally through e-commerce technology
3. New ways to grow your finances passively using blockchain & cryptocurrency

-Registration and Business Networking

-How to grow your profits through digital marketing (blogging, viral videos, search engine optimization, social media ads) by Carl Ocab – Forbes’ Magazine Internet Millennial Millionaire (30 Under 30 Cover Story)

-How to ride the e-commerce boom and expand your business globally by John Calub, Philippines’ No. 1 Success Coach and CEO of Success Mall

-Intro to Blockchain and Smart Contracts by Michael Brucal – CEO of ZendCreative

-How to earn millions through crypto currency trading without leaving your home by Ariel Wanag, President of CryptoMaster Traders, Incorporated

– How to start your own crypto currency mining business by Akili Polee – CEO Of Pinnacle Mining (United States of America)

-The future of tokens and e-commerce – Token News Hong Kong and Riku Onuma – COO of Kings Coin (Hong Kong).

*Topics and speakers may still be subject to change

Business owners/entrepreneurs, working executives, sales and marketing people and all those interested to experience digital transformation in their businesses and those who want to gain financial freedom.


Receive FREE Bitcoin for the 1st 250 participants who arrive at the venue. Plus a chance to win a 32-inch LCD TV, mobile phone and other amazing prizes!


1. VIP Seats – P1,500.00 (Includes front seating, private photo opp with speakers and lunch)
2. General Seating – P750.00

Tickets available in all SM Tickets Outlets Nationwide

You may also deposit payment at any BPI bank account number at any BPI branch account # 3881-0031-11 (John Calub Training Inc) after deposit email deposit slip to Simply bring your deposit slip to the event registration booth as they will serve as your entrance ticket.


You may call JCTI office at (02) 877-9479 or text us at 09153228026 / 09151098357



Token News Hong Kong in partnership with John Calub Training, International.


#BFF aka Best Friend of the Forest Anyone?

The Philippines is facing a rapid decline of forest cover—from 27 million hectares down to already as little as 7 million hectares. In fact, most of the country’s old growth forests are in danger of deforestation. Forests in Palawan, Sierra Madre, Samar and Leyte, and Mindanao are threatened by agricultural conversion and human settlements.

Along with the combined threats of logging activities, poor law enforcement, and mining projects in biodiversity-rich areas such as Palawan, the country is losing approximately 47,000 hectares of forest cover every year, according to the data provided by the Forest Management Bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

“The threat of deforestation has become so severe that we are losing forest cover at an alarming rate. If we do not take action, our forests may not be around for the next generation to see,” said Forest Foundation Philippines’ Executive Director, Atty. Jose Canivel.

It is for this reason that the Forest Foundation Philippines has issued a call to action for students, conservationists, environmentalists, and nature lovers alike as it launches its youth-advocacy campaign, the Best Friends of the Forest Movement (BFF Movement).

“The youth are upbeat, hopeful, and they want to contribute to the greater good. We want to empower the youth and give them a platform to do good for the forests,” he added.

Just recently, we got personally invited to witness the launching of the latest #BFF s and these are interesting individuals who have imbibed within them how the environment and Mother Nature means a lot to them.

The movement will gather a community of environmentalists, travelers, social entrepreneurs and artists with the goal of inspiring and empowering the youth into action.

The #BFFs 

She is the great mind behind MUNI. Through this community, she helps create a healthy, sustainable world by changing mindsets about how we eat, shop and travel. She believes that it’s not about moving mountains to create change but the little things, that if multiplied, will create that big impact.

Meet Jen Horn our BFF for social entrepreneurship! Be with her as she takes on the #BFFMovement!

He is a visual artist who crafts one-of-a-kind furniture and art pieces from upcycled reclaimed “found wood.” Found wood refers to wood that comes not from trees, but from old homes, construction sites and others. By breathing new life into the hardy material, he is able to push the limits of wood to create art while being an advocate for the conservation of the forest.

Meet Níccolo José, the BFF for arts and culture! #BFFMovement

This group of adventurers and environmental advocates has been conquering our mountains since 1977. They know responsible traveling by heart because exploring the world doesn’t only satisfy their wanderlust but most of all, makes them one with nature. And when you are one with nature, you get to see all its beauty, its potential, and its needs.

Let’s all meet our BFFs for ecotourism, the UP Mountaineers! #BFFMovement

A jack of all trades, he is a physician, medical anthropologist, writer and environmental advocate. He spends his leisure time pursuing his hobby of mountain climbing locally and overseas. He also maintains, the Lonely Planet-recommended guide to hiking in the Philippines.

Meet the Pinoy Mountaineer himself, our conservationist Dr. Gideon Lasco! #BFFMovement

ALL together now!!!

Be Part of the Movement

There are a lot of means and ways to help conserve and protect the forests. You can do this by helping:

  1. Grow forests. You can participate in tree-growing activities and report incidents of illegal logging and poaching to the proper authorities.
  2. Grow livelihoods. It is important to strike a balance between development and conservation. Using wood meaningfully and responsibly from sustainable sources enables us to meet our current needs, while implementing options to protect our forests for the future generations to meet their own needs. This also enables the continuity of economic opportunities for the forest-dependent communities.
  3. Grow partnerships – We can’t do it all. It’s important to work with other people and groups in this endeavor. You can support other efforts or even organize your own activities to help conserve and protect our forests.
  4. Grow advocates. By simply living the advocacy and sharing your passion for the forests can go along way—you can already help spread awareness and bring new advocates into the fold.


So what part will you play to save the forests?

Take action now with the BFF Movement! For more information, log on to

Let’s all TAKE ACTION now before it’s too LATE.



Lenten Must Watch Film: Paul, Apostle of Christ

How well do you know St. Paul, one of the apostles of Jesus Christ? It is the Lenten Season and what better way to reflect and meditate on the passion of Christ is to also experience the painful but inspiring lives of His apostles and disciples.

In the perspective of the Apostle Luke, the film depicts Paul in the midst of a brutal Roman campaign against religion, persecuting all those who share the faith and preach the word of the Lord through the most gruesome methods ever devised.

Paul was the former Saul, The Persecutor who stopped on nothing to prevent the Good News from being spread at that time in Gospel History.

Paul is held prisoner and sentenced to death by Roman Emperor Nero. Luke, risks his life to visit him in prison and there decides to write another text containing the beginnings of “The Way” and the start of what will later be known as the Church.

Chained and confined in the infamous Mamertine Prison, under the command of the hateful Prefect Mauritius Gallas, Paul introspects, realizing the tribulations he underwent
countless floggings, starvation, stoning, hunger and thirst.
As he awaits for certain death alone in the dark, the shadows of his past misdeeds haunt him and he wonders if he will be able to finish the race well.

The two Apostles struggle against the weakness of humanity and one of Christianity’s gruelling oppressions in order to spread the Gospel of Jesus and keep the faith as a beacon of hope to all the believers across the land.

“When I think of God’s grace and mercy and who’s the one embodiment of that, it’s always Paul to me. Somebody who goes from basically the greatest persecutor of early
Christians into the greatest evangelizer in all of church history,” writer and director Andrew Hyatt shared.

Starring Jim Caviezel as Luke, French actor Olivier Martinez as Mauritius Gallas and Game of Thrones alumnus, James Faulkner in lead role, “Paul, Apostle of Christ” will be exclusively screened at SM Cinemas nationwide starting March 23rd.

It was a delight seeing Caviezel back on the big screen with another religious character. Everyone knows him in the blockbuster hit, The Passion of the Christ shown back in 2004. Not everyday you see 3 brilliant actors together in one screen!

Do watch and Be Blessed! ♥♥

Tickets can be booked through or downloading the SM Cinema app at App Store and Google
Play. Stay tuned and posted thru SM Cinema Facebook and
@SM_Cinema on Instagram



Say Hello To World Class Vermosa Sports Hub!

Mayor Emmanuel Maliksi of Imus, Cavite delivers his brief welcome remarks to the opening of#VermosaSportsHub
Here along Daang Hari in Cavite.

Ayala Land Inc President and CEO Bobby Dy expressed his gratitude of the help of the municipality of Imus Cavite and PATAFA and Sante Barley on #VermosaSportsHub development.

Head of Vermosa Estate Ayala Land Inc Mr Jay Teodoro delivers detailed information on what world class #VermosaSportsHub has to offer to the public and athletes.
Officially opens to the public March 17 2018.
This sports hub can also host local and international sports events among others.

For all the upcoming triathletes out there, the sports scene climbs a notch higher as Ayala Land Inc.’s Vermosa Sports Hub, the country’s first premier and professionally managed sports facility, opens its doors to the public.

Creating the ideal environment for athletes, sports buffs, and fitness junkies who aim to reach the top of their game, Vermosa Sports Hub is equipped with training facilities designed for international sports competitions.

Vermosa Sports Hub is home to groundbreaking features that include an Olympic-size swimming pool equipped with the latest timing system by Omega and the Anti Wave Starting Blocks; and the Philippines’ first 9-lane track oval built in accordance with the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) standards. For football and field sports enthusiasts, there’s also a standard sized football field with natural grass and a sand sub-base, which makes it an ideal playing surface that is able to divot, or give way, under foot traction. For a sport that involves sliding tackles, this is a prime feature that minimizes the risk of injuries caused by having the player’s get caught by strong traction. The Vermosa Sports Hub will also soon unveil bike lanes, jogging paths, and other outdoor sports facilities.

To complete the development is a training and fitness club equipped with a sports science laboratory especially suited for athletes who want to take the next step to reach peak performance. To be managed and operated by Sante Health & Fitness, Inc., known as one of the fastest growing global providers of organic health and wellness products and services, the Sante Fitness Lab is a one-stop shop that will include a strength and conditioning fitness facility, sports rehab areas, a dance studio, a spinning class area, bike shop and services, a nutrition and fitness café, VO2 max/lactate testing by using a machine that can test an individuals level of oxygen while training , plus conference and lecture rooms.

To ensure that Vermosa Sports Hub is accessible to the growing market of sports enthusiasts, competitive rate packages and period-based membership passes are being offered by the company. For those who avail their passes until April 2018, they can enjoy a 20% discount.

Facility Rate Hours
Track Oval Php 90 6 hours
50m Lap Pool Php 220 4 hours

Special Passes Rate
Annual VIP Pass Php 5,600
1 Month Unlimited Pool Pass Php, 2,250
3 Months Unlimited Pool Pass Php 5,600
Passes purchased until April 2018 will have a 20% discount.
All rates are inclusive of 12% VAT.
Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Aside from the sports facilities, other components are also designed to promote healthy and active living. Retail outlets will soon open, and these will include health and sports merchants, providing users of the sports hub easy access to the equipment, accessories, and other sports and fitness essentials they need.

Vermosa Sports Hub is located at Vermosa, Daang Hari Road cor. Vermosa Blvd., Imus, 4103 Cavite. It is situated within the 700 hectares of space in Vermosa, a masterplanned mixed-use estate of Ayala Land Inc., the Vermosa Sports Hub is envisioned to be a complete destination designed specifically to provide an effective and complete training experience for the athletic lifestyle, offering a seamless integration of facilities and sports-related elements,

Vermosa is currently the fourth largest mixed-use estate of Ayala Land Inc. It will be home to 6,000 households that highlight the diverse living options with the presence of four of ALI’s residential brands – Ayala Land Premier, Alveo, Avida and Amaia.

Vermosa was coined from two Latin words, Verde and Mossa. “Verde”, meaning green, references the lush environment within the healthy, sustainable, and suburban living concept of the estate. “Mossa,” meaning movement, represents the active elements of the project. Combined, Vermosa represents a modern suburban community that promotes healthy and active living that stays true to its name.

It’s time to experience world-class sports facilities and amenities. Check out the Vermosa Sports Hub and discover a place where athletes can truly grow.

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