Marathon Relay Anyone? Make It Asics!

Around 750 teams are expected to participate in the first Asics Relay Philippines slated on May 26 at the SM By The Bay in Pasay City.

The race offers a different experience as it will be held at night.

Distances on tap are the 21K half marathon and 42K full marathon, with participants can join in the male, female and mixed events.

Succeeding from last year’s version, the ASICS Relay 2018 will feature the additional of Philippines in its five countries relay series, among participating countries are Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore.

Each team member is required to complete two legs of 5.25 kilometers for the full marathon and one leg of 5.25km for half marathon to meet the total distance.

The preceding member of the team will need to hand the relay token to the next runner within the designated transition zone to delineate the changeover of runners.

Winners in both the full and half marathon categories will be rewarded with a finisher’s medal, as well as cash and product prizes.

“Our goal is to expand this concept in key cities, and [Manila] is one of those key cities,” said Asics Asia Sports Marketing Manager Andy Neo.

“We know that the Philippines is a country [where] everybody loves sports,” he added.

The champion team of the Full Marathon race categories will also be walking away with team slots to any one of the ASICS Relay race held in another country, inclusive of flight tickets and accommodation.

Olympian and SEA Games gold medal runner Mary Joy Tabal believes the “unique” race will be beneficial for the nation’s running scene.

“This will encourage a lot of runners to improve teamwork,” said Tabal. “Running is an individual sport, so it is unique. It [would] be my first time to be running with a team.”


Majestic Mayon Volcano, Food and Sights Tripping When You’re in Albay

My family originally hails from Bicol, specifically in Camarines Norte. My father is from Daet, while mom was born in Jose Panganiban. Every trip back home is dearly cherished because for me, home is where the heart will always be.

I also advise my travelling friends to come and visit Albay province because of our majestic Mayon Volcano. I ran out of words on how to describe its unique beauty and sheer dominance of the province the very first time I saw it many years back. It’s also true that every angle wherever you go Mt Mayon looks back at you with wonder!

Albay is one province with many hidden and known beauties, it bears beauty that is pure, basic and grand.  Albay has a certain charm that will sweep you off your feet and bring you to the time that was or give you a majestic feeling that is simply indescribable.  With fifteen  15 municipalities and three 3 cities, Albay bears so many things to see and experience.

Governor Al Francis Bichara was a gracious host as he welcomed us to his place. Hospitality reflected on the people, from the people  and this was reflected by the people of the various local government units (Dept of Tourism and Dept of Agriculture) and that of Human Explore Travel and Tours.  The tour given to us was both informative and time worthy.  Tiring as it may be BUT truly worth every moment. Our gratitude to Ms. Dorothy Colle and her people from the Department of Tourism Provincial Division Region V – Albay, Ms. Che Rebeta of the Provincial Agriculture Department and Ms. Farah Sobremisana – owner partner of Pepperland Hotel.  They truly made our visit such a wonder thru their efforts and time generosity.

Albay is filled with old churches, old craft making, worthy places to go to, old houses, natural beauties and beautiful festivities.  With magnificent places around the majestic Mayon Volcano, if you do a whole 360 tour like the one we did ours, one would get to see this natural wonder in all its beauty.  Try to learn also the story behind this famous volcano and and unconver the Daragang Magayon mystery.

From the ruins of Cagsawa (with a average guest of 150pax per day) to the churches in Camalig, Ligao, Sto. Domingo and Daraga, to the calm Sumlang Lake and the historic Japanese caves in Quituinan Hills, to the traditional way of metal smiting in Tabaco, farms and various beautiful parks and landmarks all over Albay, you will never have a dull moment when you decide to do a full exploration of the province.  It is also filled of noteworthy food places that you could and should try out (story and review in another write-up).  Albay also has spring resorts with water source coming from near the volcano or underneath the ground making it cool or even cold depending on the time of the year – such resort is D’ Hacienda Spring and Nature Resort in Guinobatan, Albay.

For active people, I would highly recommend for you to try out the Japanese tunnels/caves in Quituinan Hills.  The trek is not that stressful but the crawling (should you be adventurous enough) is like having an archeological dig.  For historical buffs, try seeing the various churches of the different municipalities and compare notes in terms of its style and story behind it.  Should you wish to see various craftsmanship of the place, go to Sumlang Lake to see the woven beauties of Albay, the metal smiting of Tabaco, pottery shops in Tiwi and pili delicacy making in Legazpi.  Don’t forget to visit the various farms in the province that show the resiliency of the people as reflected in their farms – some of them are IG worthy too.

Experience Albay and, you get to see this natural beauty in all its grandeur.  With clouds or without, Mayon will surely captivate you may it be morning, noon, mid afternoon or sunset.  With its romantic yet tragic story behind this beauty, you will definitely want to be welcomed by it every time you are in the said province.

So when you are in Bicol here in the Philippines, don’t miss out on Albay in your must see list.
It’s one of those memorable trips that you will cherish and come to over and over.

Make lots of travel memories! ☺☺


Co+Nut+Ink Ice Cream Finally in the Philippines


How can resist ice cream? I have a sweet tooth and that includes eating and sampling any flavored ice cream and the like. Just recently, a good blogger friend of mine invited yours truly to an ice cream event that was happening at SM Mall of Asia. How can I resist?

Upon arrival at the venue, I learned that we were to sample coconut ice cream! Yes and it was courtesy of Co+Nut+Ink  and they were having a fun Scoop Me Up event! It was nice to see some of my cool blogger friends too.

The program had already started and the energetic host was facilitating a cool contest on what Co+Nut+Ink was all about with the crowd gathered in front of the ice cream  stand. Exciting prizes were given away to the happy participants. It seemed everybody knew the answers! Woot!

Co+Nut+Ink which also means “coconut drink” is the latest ice cream craze to hit the metro that according to the founder and finance guru, Lawrence Tang, the idea he originally got from his travel to Thailand. He liked the concept of coconut ice cream and with permission from the creators brought the cool idea to his native Singapore. It was not an easy ride to recognition at the start for he had to learn a lot of stuff and things about making coconut ice cream and how to market it to the public. With all hard work paying off, the rest so to speak is history and is now in our local shores.

icecreamOfficially starting last September 2016, this coco goodness has one mission – to help billions of people find their happiness. That for every scoop, you are contributing to the ecosystem. Co+Nut+ink is part of a newly created ecosystem for the coconut industry, giving more value for our farmers as well as the investment opportunity in agriculture.

The first branch of Co+Nut+ink here in the city is located near SM Hypermart of SM MOA along the walkway which is a very good and strategic spot to attract a lot of customers who crave for fresh coconut drinks and a healthy scoop of coconut ice cream! 

The ice cream is carefully and skillfully hand-made from the source and at this age of modern technology, I certainly appreciate that process more of having the personal touch in food. Try out their Classic, Premium Dessert and Premium Nuts and Fruits flavors with reasonable prices.

During the program, I also noticed some children together with their Mom’s or Dad’s were also able to stir their creativity at the arts and crafts area. Using watercolors, crayons and coloring pens, they designed recycled coconut shells.
Co+Nut+ink brand ambassador Sachzna Laparan also graced the fun event and mingled with the crowd. 15515611_1505550096139479_1124999354_oMr. Tang also shared with the guests last weekend an amazing news that beginning January 2017, Co+Nut+ink will introduce the very first patented robotic self-serve coconut ice cream machine. The coconut ice cream craze will also be present available in all major theme parks such as Disneyland, Universal Studio, and Manila Ocean Park in the Philippines. Isn’t that amaaaazing??? 

To taste a scoop of happiness, visit Co+Nut+ink’s kiosk at North Arcade, Mall of Asia (near SM Hypermart, along the walkway going to seaside).

Co+Nut+ink Philippines

Contact No.: 0915 294 0832


icecreanC ool selfie with Mr. Lawrence Tang. Thank you for bringing Co+Nut+ink here in the Philippines!

Mabuhay Ka Pinay Olympian Silver Medalist Hidilyn Diaz

hidilynBest #Rio2016 Olympic Moment
Silver Medal Win
HIDILYN DIAZ from the Philippines
53kg in Weightlifting

Maraming Salamat kabayan Hids. You are the first ever Pinay to win such recognition and the sweetest reward after your attempts in previous Olympics.
God is great! You deserve all the accolades and reaps of all the sacrifices, pain and hardships that made you even stronger and motivated. Never ever lose that confidence again in your future competitions here and abroad! 

Rio Olympics Weightlifting Women

Rio Olympics Weightlifting Women

Thank you to all the online photos used ☺ 

Nido Leads YouTube Ads in the Philippines

LeaderboardAre you updated with who’s who is leading in the YouTube Ads thus far here in the country?

Google recently released its YouTube Ads Leaderboard for the first half of 2016 for the Philippines. The leaderboard recognizes the brands whose ads captured the interest of Filipino online viewers based on a combination of popularity and promotion. Aside from highlighting the brands that performed best over the past six months, the leaderboard also shows what can be achieved through the creativity and power of online video.

Topping the list is Nido’s A Mommy’s Sacrifice, an ad with a touching storyline that perfectly depicts a mother’s love. Added to its creative flavor is the use of animation which is a more entertaining way of presenting stories.

Based on the ads that made it to the list, Google highlighted the following key trends:

  • Filipinos love local ads. This is the second time that homegrown ads dominated all ten spots in the leaderboard, proof that content with distinct local flavor resonates more with the Filipino audience. Through the use of effective storytelling that reflects the local culture and creative execution through music, dance, or drama, Filipinos were able to relate with these brand stories, allowing them to claim it as their own.
  • Storytelling at its finest. Seven out of ten ads in the leaderboard exceed the 30-second mark, showing that brands are excelling at longform storytelling, exploring the full possibilities of digital’s creative canvas. The length allows for emotionally-engaging content that count as short films and mini-documentaries. Nido’s A Mommy’s Sacrifice in particular is a three-minute long animated film that showcases the magic of a mother’s love by sacrificing certain things for her family.
  • For kids or the young at heart. Five out of ten ads in the leaderboard feature children that endear themselves to audiences. Bonakid’s Pre-School 3+ ad features three cute kids dancing to a  jingle while Downy’s Sofia’s Fan features Sofia, a little girl being followed by her schoolmate because of how good her clothes smell. While kids having fun and doing silly antics give an ad a positive spin, other ads tug at the heartstrings because they mirror interpersonal relationships. One of the ads in the leaderboard is Knorr’s Sabaw at Pagsasama which takes viewers through a trip down memory lane as a soldier remembers his mother who taught him how to be forgiving and generous.

Google shared that the first few seconds of the ad are crucial to piquing the interest of the audience. When it comes to creating effective and unskippable ads, two things matter the most: relevance and creativity. Creativity comes in many forms such as the use of animation or jingles while relevance relies on the brand’s ability to capture realities of life, or taking snippets from popular culture to make their own.

Filipinos’ high regard for familial relationships, love for celebrities, and fondness for music  is evident in the leader board. Whisper’s All Day Check ad features celebrity Nadine Lustre singing and dancing to a tune that teenage girls would love dancing to while McDonald’s Tuloy Pa Rin ad used a popular OPM song and coupled it with an experience that surely all Filipinos can relate to – heartbreak and moving on.

Founded in February 2005, YouTube allows billions of people to discover, watch and share originally- created videos. YouTube provides a forum for people to connect, inform, and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers large and small.

Here is the complete list:

1. Nido A Mommy’s Sacrifice | NIDO FORTIGROW | Nestlé PH Local 3:01
2. Bonakid Bonakid Pre-School 3+ TVC Local 0:30
3. McDonalds Tuloy Pa Rin Local 1:01
4. Downy Sofia’s Fan | DOWNY Rubadubango Local 1:00
5. Bear Brand SIDE A 30s TVC| BEAR BRAND Choco Milk Drink | Nestle PH Local 0:37
6. Whisper Whisper All Day No Check! Local 1:01
7. Tide Tide! Todo-puti na kagulat-gulat! #TideTodoPuti Local 0:30
8. Milo #MomsNeverGiveUp Full Version | MILO | Nestlé PH Local 2:12
9. Nescafe When Minutes Turn Into Moments Local 1:02
10. Knorr “Sabaw at Pagsasama” (A Knorr Short FiIm) Local 2:28

Muhammad Ali: The Boxing Legend Lives On

(January 17, 1942-June 3, 2016)
At only 74, Ali battled Parkinson’s Disease for more than three decades. 
Highly regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all times, Ali inspired and motivated a lot of boxers to be the best athletes that they can be. Many tried to duplicate his moves and skills.  Even our very own boxer Manny Pacquiao considered Ali as one of his idols.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.
The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.


May 17, 1967: Muhammad Ali punches the bag. (Miami News photo)

May 17, 1967: Muhammad Ali punches the bag. (Miami News photo)

ali2Thrilla in Manila 
October 1, 1975 
Manila, Philippines
I was only five years old when this historic match of Ali VS Joe Frazier took place in Cubao, Quezon City here in the Philippines. It was a sold out and jampacked first time event of that magnitude to ever happen in Manila soil. Ali drew crowd everywhere he went most especially during his open public training. He was noted for having bashed at Frazier a lot prior to the match and that was to drumbeat and draw more attention to the anticipated event.
Of course, Ali won at the end of Round 14. He gave the crowd a very good fight to remember!
My dad is a boxing fanatic and for sure, he was able to watch this fight which was televised live then.
Thanks to YouTube, I can watch this popular fight over and over and over.
Ali10As a gift and tribute to Ali for winning that historic fight, the Araneta’s built a mall in Ali’s name and simply calling it ALI MALL. The legendary boxer himself came back in 1976 to personally open his mall to the cheering public. Way to goooo!

alimall2The original font of Ali Mall.
AliMallThe stylish font of Ali Mall these days.

Ali was also a doting father and grand dad to all his children 9 of them – 7 daughters and 2 sons.
Ali9Boxing legends never fade. Their legacy continues. Just like the legacy of Muhammad Ali. He may have gone to boxing heaven but his contributions and life lessons will forever live on.

Thank you…thank you…THANK YOU!!!  ♥♥♥

Photo credits: Many thanks to all the online photos used for this tribute. You all rock like Ali! 

Back In Manila: ONE Global Rivals Happening April 15th

globalOne Championship
April 15 2016
Mall of Asia Arena


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