Dairy Queen’s Blizzard Flavor of the Month is Pepero!

Don’t you just love ice cream?
Our all-time favorite Dairy Queen recently launched their Blizzard of the Month flavors with us bloggers. And we were not alone. We got to welcome the Pepero Blizzard treats alongside the 2017 Bb. Pilipinas beauty title holders.
The lovely ladies were excited to show off the pepero white cookie mango and pepero almond chocolate blizzard flavors to us all.. 
It’s vanilla ice cream that works perfectly with crunchy and cholatey goodness of Pepero and its almond nuts and mango bits to complete the delight!
For cake lover, you can also try out the Pepero Blizzard cake!

These flavors are available at your nearest Dairy Queen outlets nationwide at a limited time only.


Co+Nut+Ink Ice Cream Finally in the Philippines


How can resist ice cream? I have a sweet tooth and that includes eating and sampling any flavored ice cream and the like. Just recently, a good blogger friend of mine invited yours truly to an ice cream event that was happening at SM Mall of Asia. How can I resist?

Upon arrival at the venue, I learned that we were to sample coconut ice cream! Yes and it was courtesy of Co+Nut+Ink  and they were having a fun Scoop Me Up event! It was nice to see some of my cool blogger friends too.

The program had already started and the energetic host was facilitating a cool contest on what Co+Nut+Ink was all about with the crowd gathered in front of the ice cream  stand. Exciting prizes were given away to the happy participants. It seemed everybody knew the answers! Woot!

Co+Nut+Ink which also means “coconut drink” is the latest ice cream craze to hit the metro that according to the founder and finance guru, Lawrence Tang, the idea he originally got from his travel to Thailand. He liked the concept of coconut ice cream and with permission from the creators brought the cool idea to his native Singapore. It was not an easy ride to recognition at the start for he had to learn a lot of stuff and things about making coconut ice cream and how to market it to the public. With all hard work paying off, the rest so to speak is history and is now in our local shores.

icecreamOfficially starting last September 2016, this coco goodness has one mission – to help billions of people find their happiness. That for every scoop, you are contributing to the ecosystem. Co+Nut+ink is part of a newly created ecosystem for the coconut industry, giving more value for our farmers as well as the investment opportunity in agriculture.

The first branch of Co+Nut+ink here in the city is located near SM Hypermart of SM MOA along the walkway which is a very good and strategic spot to attract a lot of customers who crave for fresh coconut drinks and a healthy scoop of coconut ice cream! 

The ice cream is carefully and skillfully hand-made from the source and at this age of modern technology, I certainly appreciate that process more of having the personal touch in food. Try out their Classic, Premium Dessert and Premium Nuts and Fruits flavors with reasonable prices.

During the program, I also noticed some children together with their Mom’s or Dad’s were also able to stir their creativity at the arts and crafts area. Using watercolors, crayons and coloring pens, they designed recycled coconut shells.
Co+Nut+ink brand ambassador Sachzna Laparan also graced the fun event and mingled with the crowd. 15515611_1505550096139479_1124999354_oMr. Tang also shared with the guests last weekend an amazing news that beginning January 2017, Co+Nut+ink will introduce the very first patented robotic self-serve coconut ice cream machine. The coconut ice cream craze will also be present available in all major theme parks such as Disneyland, Universal Studio, and Manila Ocean Park in the Philippines. Isn’t that amaaaazing??? 

To taste a scoop of happiness, visit Co+Nut+ink’s kiosk at North Arcade, Mall of Asia (near SM Hypermart, along the walkway going to seaside).

Co+Nut+ink Philippines

Contact No.: 0915 294 0832

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/conutinkPH/

icecreanC ool selfie with Mr. Lawrence Tang. Thank you for bringing Co+Nut+ink here in the Philippines!

Love Desserts Buffet Galore Anyone?!

10356269_944354735580769_7870606204989007927_nDSC_0441Love Desserts Buffet All-You-Can
P199 only (including selected drinks)
Pearl Drive corner
Commonwealth Avenue
Quezon City
Store Hours: Daily from 11AM – 11PM

6911644_f520 adace27f0db95a16581015a7c2e4cf1a20120710-love-desserts-07092012-1

Who does not love desserts? They come in all shapes, colors  and sizes. But the common denominator is that they are irresistably S-W-E-E-T! And now that we are into the buffet and eat-all-you-can lifestyle, here comes an all-exclusive restaurant that caters to all kinds of desserts you can think of and imagine! Say hello to dessert heaven — LOVE DESSERTS!

When a blogger friend threw out an invitation to try out a dessert buffet place, yours truly with the sweetest of tooth immediately signed up for it! Thank you to Ms. Kathy Kenny, me and 2 other blogger friends Aileen and Rejj found ourselves inside Love Desserts located along Pearl Drive and Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City one recent night which was a working holiday. The resto was full and there were more people outside waiting to be seated. The interior looked refreshing in mostly black and white hues. Simple picture frames of mostly European sceneries dominate its walls. At the entrance in front of the buffet table is an artsy display of the spelled out Love Desserts surrounded by different cute items and stationeries that is a favorite souvenir group picture and selfie portion of the resto.

The Pearl Drive branch is Love Dessert’s second branch (opened last February 14, 2015) following after the success of its original spot in Banawe St., Quezon City which opened to the public back in 2011. I recall that when that first branch started, they have a special P143 Valentine promo eat-all-you-can desserts which my sister and mom took advantage of and boy, the cute restaurant was always jampacked and full to the brim every Valentine’s Day since then and on special occasions.

We were attended to and taken cared of by Ms. Emily (manager-in-training) and she made sure we had our drinks secured before attacking the desserts table. I felt like a kid smiling from ear to ear when I approached the long buffet table seeing majority of my fave desserts smiling back at me! They were so many I had a bit of a hard time choosing what sweets to put on my plate first. Of course there are brownies of all kinds, cream puffs, cheesecakes, egg pie, brazo de, mini-chocolates, mango tart cake, a very attractive rainbow cake, choco overload cake, eclairs, cookies, ice cream straight from the freezer (by Big Scoop), silvannas among many others and would you believe champorado? There is also a crepe and do-it-yourself Halo-Halo station. Super wow!

We also met up with one of the young store owners Janssen Yu who was on hand and on deck supervising all the goings on inside the resto. We even caught him helping mop the floor while the rest of the staff were busy in the kitchen and on the buffet area attending to the customers needs. When asked why did they decide to put up a dessert’s buffet? He shared, “There was no place like it when we opened the Banawe St branch three years ago. We tried to provide and include all kinds of desserts we can think of.” Don’t they ever run out of sweets supply especially during peak times? Janssen discloses, “Our desserts supply is projected. We have an idea how much volume will be consumed. We have a commissary who makes all of these desserts. There are even times they deliver twice a day when demand is high.”

When all of the sweetness seemed to be overwhelming, there are options of something salty in between thanks to cheese sticks, empanadas, Pinoy nachos and even green mangoes with “bagoong”  to give our taste buds a break from the sugar overload feeling. I know someone who was able to finish a bowl and a half of those sour green mangoes, haha!

IMG_20150225_202927Since the Pearl Drive branch is only a few weeks young, Janssen mentions that their customers are mostly groups of students from nearby schools. Thank goodness they found a great spot in that commercial complex. This branch even has a loyal teenaged customer who comes in IMG_20150225_200753at night time who sits there and partakes of all the sweet delights and never gets tired of doing so! And this guy was there during our food tasting session. Now we know who you are, haha!

Love Desserts also offers Rice Meals, sandwiches, blended drinks, coffee and hot tea. We partook of the Tapa Meal with rice and the beef was cooked tender not too rubbery. They also have an Ala Carte option of assorted sweets for Take Out orders or when the customer is on the go unable to sit for at least an hour or two for the all-you-can sweets galore.
LDThe three of us stayed until beyond 11PM closing time and had at least two rounds of desserts attack on the buffet table. I personally wanted to take in more but my tummy has already given up, awww. More hot tea please? The staff are polite and courteous and can even give you suggestions what sweets to take in first. And would you believe their kitchen can accommodate seven refrigerators and 3 freezers?

Love Desserts is one’s sweets and sugar rush haven! This place is not for the figure-conscious and weak-hearted when it comes to a myriad of childhood to adulthood type of lovable desserts. For the fear of acquiring diabetes or so, Love Desserts ice cream is sugar-free and the desserts not too sweet at all. You can always come back with family and friends who have the same sweet tooth craving and share a genuine love and calling for heavenly desserts!

You gotta love, love love…. Love Desserts!

**Many thanks for attending to us Janssen Uy, Ms. Emily Ballesteros and rest of the Love Desserts staff at Pearl Drive branch. You are all sooo “sweeeet”! Until our next visit! Thank you heaps Ms. Kathy Kenny Ngo for extending this su-weet invite. ☺☺

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