Be a Neu Bake Super Slice Fan Just Like Baeby-Baste

Known to the general public as dabarkads and super cutey Bae-by Baste, the four year old child superstar from the daily noon time show Eat Bulaga has been making waves since his YouTube dubsmash days up to this very day. That is why the country’s leading bread manufacturer Gardenia got him and his loving mom Sheila to be the latest endorsers of Neu Bake Super Slice variant.

Sebastian Benedict Granfon, aka Baste is a bright, precocious young boy who never fails to liven up our afternoon with his charm, wit and natural flair for comedy.

Neu Bake’s Super Slice which is bigger than most white breads in the market, making it perfect for Baste’s big appetite. During the special mother and son bonding time of Bae-by Baste and Mommy Sheila at their recent media launch, while her mom was busy sharing their cute sandwich stories, he was also busy doing his own thing with his sandwich and fillings.
Mommy Sheila further shares that as a mom, it is important to prepare healthy food to our children. Just like his son who loves egg and ham sandwiches among others, the food bonding moments they share keep them closer together. She loves preparing these bread snacks and packs them as “baon” for Baste his daily noon time duties.

The media is goo-goo ang gaga over Bae-by Baste. In here, he was being interviewed by a couple of showbiz reporters from TV5 and GMA Kapuso 7. And his candid answers make him more cute and adorable!
Say cheeeeeese!!!

Even the staff of Gardenia’s Neu Bake Super Slice could not resist having this cool group photo op with Mommy Sheila and Baste. And how that red apron looks nice on him!
Of course, yours truly was a success in this spotlight-like selfie with dabarkad Baste. It’s been in my bucketlist of mine to have a photo with this babe and thank you Neu Bake for making it sooo happen!

Neubake Super Slice comes in a horizontal, super tipid pack and only costs P29 for 10 slices. You may also try the Wheaten Bread variant which I personally like!

NeuBake is now available in leading supermarkets and convenience stores.

Many thanks Chelle Campos for having us during Bae-by Baste’s event with Neu Bake Super Slice. Until the next ones to come! ☺♥☺


Flavorful Days Are Best With Gardenia

Gardenia Butterscotch Mango Sans Rival-0603For Gardenia bread lovers out there like Yours Truly, the possibilities of creating something delicious and creative with its many flavored loaves is endless!

Who can resist a succulently smooth, creamy and caramel-y Gardenia Amazing Butterscotch loaf filled with flavorful butterscotch chips? And hey, did you know that this can be transformed to another sweet pick?

Try this easy-to-create sans rival using Gardenia Butterscotch:

Gardenia Butterscotch Mango Sans Rival


3 pcs Butterscotch Loaf

¼ cup butter

1 tbsp ripe mango, sliced

1 tbsp nuts, chopped

2 pcs chocolate bars

1 tbsp powdered Sugar – 1 tbsp

1. Get 3 slices of Gardenia Amazing Butterscotch Loaf and trim the sides.

2.Combine butter, evaporated milk and powdered sugar until becomes smooth.

3. Spread the butter cream mixture into the trimmed breads then put sliced ripe mangoes on top and sprinkle chopped nuts. 4. Stack all breads onto each other. Spread the butter cream on the bread sides and apply nuts.

4. Chill overnight.

Serve and enjoy!

Wait, there’s more! Gardenia’s amazing flavored line has also a black forest loaf, a lusciously soft, moist bread rich in chocolate filling, laden with sweet, succulent cherries.

Make your day more flavorful anytime of the day with a bite of your favorite dessert made with your favorite bread!
I’m headed out now to the nearest supermarket to replenish my yummy Gardenia supplies. ☺

More exciting and innovative recipes using Gardenia breads can be discovered!
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Bready Gardenia Rocked at the Zumba All-Stars

Have you had your Gardenia bread today? 
Yours truly had the cool chance meeting “Bready” mascot of Gardenia Philippines who was one of the sponsors of the recently held ZUMBA Philippines All-Stars showdown spearheaded by one of the zumba queens, Ms.Regine Tolentino at Market, Market mall. In fact, Bready was the opening act of the show! And gave a really happy number ☺
The attendance turn out was impressive with people of different ages including men dancing to the many upbeat and infectious zumba beats! They didn’t mind sweating it all out! If both my paternal and maternal grandparents were still alive today, they would certainly loved dancing to the zumba as well…in heaven, they are ☺ 
IMG_20140809_125655IMG_20140809_141542Gardenia Philippines has always been a proud sponsor of Ms.Regine’s projects. Two years ago, when I came and watched a dance recital of her summer workshop graduates, Gardenia was also there. There were lots of bread slices and cream rolls they shared. And this year again, thank you for your utmost support.
I personally like the wheat bread and raisin wheat bread variants as well as the black forest version. The choco cream rolls and muffins are great for quick bites! It’s not only yummy to taste but equally-healthy too! Gardenia makes sure to have only the best ingredients and quality to us bread lovers out there.

IMG_20140809_144812IMG_20140809_151837The zumba craze is really in so let’s dance our way to better health, proper diet by eating nutritious food and healthy snacks like that of the long list of Gardenia bread selections. We can never go wrong!

Always stay FIT, YOUNG and HEALTHY!  Very true that Health is really wealth!

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