Toontastic 3D: New Storytelling App for Kids

Great news for parents and teachers all over the world! You can now download Toontastic 3D, a playful storytelling app for kids to draw, animate and narrate their own 3D cartoons.

Today’s digital devices and tools offer amazing opportunities for kids to imagine, invent and explore with technology—and perhaps most important of all, have fun! Over the years, we’ve worked closely with educators to build programs for kids to create through code, doodle their dreams, explore exotic locales with virtual reality, and even tour the Himalayas with a very friendly Yeti named Verne.. Today, we’re unveiling our latest project for kids—one that will give voice to their imaginations and transform their devices into playful and powerful tools for learning creative skills. It’s called Toontastic 3D.

With Toontastic 3D, kids can draw, animate and narrate their own adventures, news stories, school reports, and anything else they might dream up. All they need to do is move characters around on the screen and tell their story. It’s like a digital puppet theater… but with enormous interactive 3D worlds, dozens of customizable characters, 3D drawing tools, and an idea lab with sample stories to inspire new creations.

Like the original Toontastic (released in 2011 and widely praised by educators, kids, and parents around the globe), Toontastic 3D enables kids to build whatever they like—including book or science reports for school, design pitches, short stories and cartoons.

Toontastic 3D is available and free to download today for phones, tablets and select Chromebooks, on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. We hope the app will empower kids to imagine, invent and explore while developing skills for the creative jobs of tomorrow—whether they dream of becoming a filmmaker, a teacher, a designer, a cartoonist, or just want to explore the boundaries of their imaginations.



Top 5 reasons to Switch to Easy Taxi ☺

In this high-tech day and age the world is into, it is not only food, clothing, books shoes, or other apparels we can order and purchase online. Now, hiring a taxi online has already been made possible to busy commuters. IMG_20140802_135637 Yours truly was privileged to attend the recent first year anniversary of Easy Taxi last August 2 at Luxent Hotel. While waiting for the event and the taxi operators, drivers and their relatives to arrive, I had a very nice chat with perhaps the youngest acting VP-Operations Mr. Paul Emmanuel Levy. Paul shared that even if Easy Taxi is only 12-months old, in terms of sales and rider demands, the numbers are showing impressive growth and have run after its closest competitor. Now that’s awesome! IMG_20140802_121159 Let’s have a quick run-down of my Top 5 reasons why daily taxi riders should go for and shift to the service of Easy Taxi:
1)  Enjoy ZERO booking fee from August 4 until September 4 in Metro Manila and Cebu. The usual booking fee is P40. Now isn’t that super cool! That’s a savings of P40 that you can just add to the metered fare. You don’t find this special promo everyday so enjoy it now for the next few weeks!

2) Easy Taxi has more than 50 taxi operators nationwide. They have partnered with the most trusted fleets in the Philippines, (R&E, Griffin, Sun Taxi (Cebu) just to name a few. The operators are carefully screened and its fleet of drivers are given background checks to ensure they are honest and responsible drivers on the road most especially to their riding customers.

3) According to Paul, the average and quickest waiting time is 9 minutes! Wow,I must say! During the recent Typhoon Jose, commuters were able to book East Taxi accredited units with ease. “Our drivers were able to use routes away from traffic and get to their customers just in time,” he proudly shares. IMG_20140802_122701 4) The million dollar company is part of the Asia Pacific Internet Group (APIG) which supports some of the leading internet companies in the business. Founded by Rocket Internet, Easy Taxi is currently managed by the very passionate and dedicated Regional Managing Director for SEA, Ms. Mario Berta who during his speech has shared that he is thankful to all the partners and people behind Easy Taxi and that more exciting things are to come. Mr. Kris Moreno on the other hand oversees account management (drivers & operators). IMG_20140802_125407 5)  Easy Taxi cares. Driving a taxi cab at 12 hours  or sometimes 24 hours a day can be very tiring to its drivers. So Easy Taxi has come up every now and then of some recreational and fun activities for its hundreds of drivers. They would take a break with their karaoke sessions and talent shows highlighting other hidden talents by their might drivers. Cash prizes and gift items are awarded to deserving winners. Now that’s making it more fun! ☺☺
During the anniversary celebration, the company has gave distinct honors to at least two of its Top Drivers. We say congratulations and a job well done to Messrs. Policarpio “Polly” Isla and Jiomedes Castilla.May your tribe increase!

Plaques of Appreciation and more awards were also handed out to the taxi operators. Too bad some of the owners and representatives were not able to make it. Big congrats to all operators nationwide! Clap Clap!

Here’s more good news: Easy Taxi has raised $40 million in its fourth round of funding, in order to make its service more widely available. Serving over 10 million users worldwide, with as much as 185 thousand registered drivers, Easy Taxi is available in 4 continents, 34 countries, and in more than 162 cities, while growing at a global rate of three cities per month.
The event was hosted by exciting YES FM DJs Mara Morena and Tanya Chinita. Thank you Luxent Hotel for the yummy lunch buffet and delectable sweet desserts! Aren’t we blessed to have Easy Taxi as the fast-rising, trusted and reliable online cab service?

Ride high and Happy Anniversary Easy Taxiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!! ☺☺☺ Your cupcakes giveaways are heavenly! CHEERS!!!
IMG_20140802_111525Download the Easy Taxi app now if you don’t have it yet. Like and visit their Facebook page Follow and tweet and share your feedbacks @EasyTaxiPinoy. Wait, im almost late to my next meeting….let me book an Easy Taxi now!
Nice to meet you Ms. Clariza  (Marketing Manager) and Ms. Tracy (PR Manager …See you both again soon!
Many thanks #WazzupPilipinas for the invite. ☺

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