#BFF aka Best Friend of the Forest Anyone?

The Philippines is facing a rapid decline of forest cover—from 27 million hectares down to already as little as 7 million hectares. In fact, most of the country’s old growth forests are in danger of deforestation. Forests in Palawan, Sierra Madre, Samar and Leyte, and Mindanao are threatened by agricultural conversion and human settlements.

Along with the combined threats of logging activities, poor law enforcement, and mining projects in biodiversity-rich areas such as Palawan, the country is losing approximately 47,000 hectares of forest cover every year, according to the data provided by the Forest Management Bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

“The threat of deforestation has become so severe that we are losing forest cover at an alarming rate. If we do not take action, our forests may not be around for the next generation to see,” said Forest Foundation Philippines’ Executive Director, Atty. Jose Canivel.

It is for this reason that the Forest Foundation Philippines has issued a call to action for students, conservationists, environmentalists, and nature lovers alike as it launches its youth-advocacy campaign, the Best Friends of the Forest Movement (BFF Movement).

“The youth are upbeat, hopeful, and they want to contribute to the greater good. We want to empower the youth and give them a platform to do good for the forests,” he added.

Just recently, we got personally invited to witness the launching of the latest #BFF s and these are interesting individuals who have imbibed within them how the environment and Mother Nature means a lot to them.

The movement will gather a community of environmentalists, travelers, social entrepreneurs and artists with the goal of inspiring and empowering the youth into action.

The #BFFs 

She is the great mind behind MUNI. Through this community, she helps create a healthy, sustainable world by changing mindsets about how we eat, shop and travel. She believes that it’s not about moving mountains to create change but the little things, that if multiplied, will create that big impact.

Meet Jen Horn our BFF for social entrepreneurship! Be with her as she takes on the #BFFMovement!

He is a visual artist who crafts one-of-a-kind furniture and art pieces from upcycled reclaimed “found wood.” Found wood refers to wood that comes not from trees, but from old homes, construction sites and others. By breathing new life into the hardy material, he is able to push the limits of wood to create art while being an advocate for the conservation of the forest.

Meet Níccolo José, the BFF for arts and culture! #BFFMovement

This group of adventurers and environmental advocates has been conquering our mountains since 1977. They know responsible traveling by heart because exploring the world doesn’t only satisfy their wanderlust but most of all, makes them one with nature. And when you are one with nature, you get to see all its beauty, its potential, and its needs.

Let’s all meet our BFFs for ecotourism, the UP Mountaineers! #BFFMovement

A jack of all trades, he is a physician, medical anthropologist, writer and environmental advocate. He spends his leisure time pursuing his hobby of mountain climbing locally and overseas. He also maintains pinoymountaineer.com, the Lonely Planet-recommended guide to hiking in the Philippines.

Meet the Pinoy Mountaineer himself, our conservationist Dr. Gideon Lasco! #BFFMovement

ALL together now!!!

Be Part of the Movement

There are a lot of means and ways to help conserve and protect the forests. You can do this by helping:

  1. Grow forests. You can participate in tree-growing activities and report incidents of illegal logging and poaching to the proper authorities.
  2. Grow livelihoods. It is important to strike a balance between development and conservation. Using wood meaningfully and responsibly from sustainable sources enables us to meet our current needs, while implementing options to protect our forests for the future generations to meet their own needs. This also enables the continuity of economic opportunities for the forest-dependent communities.
  3. Grow partnerships – We can’t do it all. It’s important to work with other people and groups in this endeavor. You can support other efforts or even organize your own activities to help conserve and protect our forests.
  4. Grow advocates. By simply living the advocacy and sharing your passion for the forests can go along way—you can already help spread awareness and bring new advocates into the fold.


So what part will you play to save the forests?

Take action now with the BFF Movement! For more information, log on to http://www.forestfoundation.ph/be-a-bff/.

Let’s all TAKE ACTION now before it’s too LATE.




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