Friendship Goals With These Guys

Last February 24, 2018 I posted this photo in my Facebook Page with the entry:

The times and chikkahan and planning of career (and gimmick) look sunny and bright!
Watch out 2018!

Say “Hello” to my new friends, Edz and Mike who both work at a popular grocery chain here in the Philippines.  I actually first encountered Edz back in December 31 2017 New Year’s Eve when he assisted in slicing the pork cubes I bought into thinner and smaller parts. Edz is assigned at the Pork and Beef Section while Mike assists for the poultry/chicken section.

But it was not only until the first week of February this year that my encounter with Edz happened for the second time when he helped out in my rice supply need. I almost forgot he was from the meat section! Then came Valentine’s 2018 week and on the 13th I finally had the courage Edz what his name was? Pretty surprised, he was taken aback but still gave his last name.

From out of the blue, I greeted him advanced Happy Valentine’s Day and that I guess unlocked his kinda strict stance. For the first time in two months, I saw Edz smile and ask me how was I going to celebrate the Day of Hearts?

Interested in finding out what happened next?

I will continue and share in my next blog post, dear friends! So please just hang in there for the rest of this cute friendship story…





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