Agora Best Talks Inspires People to Reach Out and Excel

agora4Just recently, the AGORA Best Talks series featured four of the best in the marketing industry. They are also AGORA  Awardees in their fields who shared their thoughts and insights on marketing matters.

The Agora Awards, dubbed as the Oscars of Philippine Marketing, have been giving special recognition to them, passing on the torch and sparking up inspiration to all marketers in the country.

It was a well spent morning to be with these gentlemen. It was awesome learning from Benjie Yap, Raul Falcon, Nol Montalbo and Donald Lim. They were defintely inspiring! 
agoraThis charismatic Unilever Philippines, Inc.’s , VP- Customer Development shared how branding must have a purpose. It starts with its internal ambassadors purposefully serving its customers considering their best interest in mind. Every brand must have its purpose. Mr Benjie Yap, The AGORA 2015 Awardee for Outstanding Achievement in Marketing Management is truly a global Filipino setting an example of how it is to be centered in fulfilling one’s life purpose in both the personal and professional sphere.
Mr. Yap has accomplished a lot in his expertise and continues to inspire more of his colleagues in the biz. 
agora2This one fine young gentleman of a doctor, Nol Montalbo of Mont Albo Spa gave so much hope to the attendees. His inspiring story of how his business started with practically no cash to now an established, respected and renowned spa in the wellness industry & the world. He brought tears to some of us. His sincerity and authenticity radiates with so much passion and pride in the culture and tradition of the Philippines. #HilotToTheWorldis touching lives even with the tip of our fingers. The AGORA 2015 Awardee for Entrepreneurship Small-Scale, Nol Montalbo left his mark and will leave an indelible print to those whose lives he will still be touching.
I have yet to visit and try out his fast growing and popular spa. 
agora5The Agora Way Book is now available and is a compilation of more marketing greats. 
agora7The AGORA 2015 Awardee for Outstanding Achievement in Overseas Marketing has moved us with how he has shaped the Corporate Social Responsibility of Procter & Gamble Thailand with his leadership. His long-term program and, relevant and timely projects has benefited its target audience with success measurement that will validate it. It also had clear results in mind therefore, creating impact to all parties involved.
Mr Raul Falcon shared 6 components in making advocacy and social responsibility work. Attendees became hopeful with the idea that companies here in the Philippines can collaborate for the nation’s interest. Time to unify our endeavours in helping the country.
May Mr. Falcon’s tribe increase and continue on to generate success and progress! 
agora6The first recipient of The AGORA Outstanding Achievement in Marketing Communications [2014] , Mr Donald Patrick Lim talks about Technology and how it is reshaping the market place. The key is to really know your customer and their media consumption behavior to have the right kind of marketing mix. Digital media is relative to the market you serve. A multi-awarded and trailblazer, Donald Lim shared how the Filipinos are making a big dent in the digital space.

Mr. Lim also brought up to our attention the popularity thru YouTube of some sensations and how they’ve made their marks online and the social media platforms. Time to rehash my YouTube channel!

The Agora BEST Talks have indeed featured the best talks from the best people in the marketing industry. In time, more people would get the chance to share their testimonials as the Philippine Marketing Association inducted its new members in the same event.

Dreams and ambitions can be reached with the help of life and career testimonials of successful individuals who once dreamt to become big and influence others. With their help and support of our closest allies, nothing is impossible. We just have to believe and have the confidence, perseverance, and faith plus prayers that goals can be achieved.

Congratulations to Team AGORA!

This year’s Agora Awards will be held on October 26, 2016 at the PICC.

<<Credits to AGORA Best Talks Facebook page for the speakers summary. Many thanks!


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