Biggest Pokemon Go Lure Party held at SM Supermalls


Call it perhaps a phenomenon but the #PokemonGo craze is really here in Manila, Philippines since it’s official August 6 release. People have gamely uploaded its app and has gotten hooked on it day in and day out! Believe me! Before last weekend, I was cordially invited (Thank you!) by SM Supermalls to cover their biggest ever #PokemonGo Lure Party which happened nationwide. Be amazed by the pics!

SM Supermalls, the country’s biggest mall network, made history last weekend when it celebrated the first ever biggest Nationwide Pokémon Go Lure Party that simultaneously happened on August 12 with extension from August 13-14 from 5PM to 9PM in 50 SM malls all over the Philippines!

The first of its kind event, which was set to be the biggest one-day Pokémon Go Lure Party worldwide, has brought together Pokémon Go trainers, gaming enthusiasts, families and groups of friends for the four-hour Poké-hunting craze.

And even if I haven’t downloaded the famous app as of yet, I found it amusing gazing over cellphones of people doing their Pokemon hunts and catch.
SMNE2With fellow blogger friend, Ms. Tess Claudio few minutes before the 5pm start of the #PokemonGo Lure Party at SM North Edsa The Block.
Lure4We are all #PokemonGo Lure Party ready !!!!!!!
Pika“As early as July, our Pokémon Go digital campaign had witnessed how fascinated and ecstatic our shoppers were for the app’s official Philippine release. And from the fans’ overflowing reactions, we knew we had to give them something big and unforgettable once the game is launched,” shared Jonjon San Agustin, SM Supermalls’ senior vice president for marketing.

True enough, SM was among the first brands to break the news about the app’s launch last August 6 and the first to set a nationwide Pokémon Go Lure Party on August 9.

“We wanted to merge the beauty of digital and the real world by making our malls transformed into Pokémon Gyms and lure party venues. For everyone’s delight, over 150 Pokéstops were lured simultaneously in all our 50 malls,” said San Agustin. An estimated 3.5 million people go to more than 50 SM Supermalls on a daily basis.
MOASuper LIKED what SM did to its Mall of Asia globe! Very creative! And yes why not a gigantic Pokemon Ball!

SM’s Nationwide Pokémon Go Lure Party treated shoppers to an array of exciting attractions and fun-filled activities. Pokémon characters and cosplayers strolled around the malls while select SM branches featured different adorable Pokémon collectibles and Pokémon Go essentials perfect for every trainer’s daily adventure. Several SM establishments also launched their respective special Pokémon promos.

Pika2Pikachu hug!!! 
AmazingCaught up with @amazingbetong at The Block doing his share of #PokemonGo . Betong gamely posed for pics with some fans and supporters in between Poke hunts. He even won a gift certificate during one of the games! Congrats kapuso ♥

Speaking of games giveaways, aside from gift certificates, SM also gave away a brand new cellphone as its major game prize to a pretty tough Pokemon Go question. Luckily a guy came out with proof and won the exciting item! Congrats! 
Lure3I was super ecstatic when I saw Pikachu and his friends mingling with the The Block crowd. Everyone wanted their selfies and pictures taken. I couldn’t get that near because of the throng of crowd. So happily settled with a cutey selfie from a distance. Am solved with it!

When the official Lure Party started, caught up with another blogger friend Yvonne Bertoldo, who was more adept and familiar with how the catch goes and we excitedly visited all the 18 Poke Stops distributed at SM North Edsa. I enjoyed seeing the dabarkads trouped in a corner or side trying to catch as much pokemons and all of them busy with heads bent down onto their mobile phones. It was raining that day so it was extra challenging to peep at the Poke Stop and observe who else were in it. Felt like you are doing an Amazing Race but catching as much Pokemons as possible especially the rare creatures.

The SM Supermalls nationwide #PokemonGo Lure Party was a fun experience for the books. It was a rare event that allowed families and friend especially students which I saw a lot of, to bond with each other.  I hope SM would hold another big gathering like this in the near future.

Many thanks for the kind invite Ms. Anna Loren Rivera (SM Supermalls-Digital Marketing) and Ms. Chin Ng (SMNE Marketing) for the kind assist. Until the next!

For everything Pokémon Go at SM, visit SM Supermalls’ website and its official accounts onFacebook, Twitter, Instagram and Viber Public Chat. Also follow SM on Snapchat for exclusive updates. #GottaCatchEmAllAtSM! #PokemonGoAtSMNE


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