SunLife Financial Wants You to Be #Fit2LiveFree


We were blessed to have been invited by a dear blogger friend to grace Digicon 2015 event featuring SunLife Financial’s Brighter Life #FIT2LiveFree program.

For many decades, SunLife Financial have proven they are a stable and trendsetting corporation when it comes to investing your hard earned money and making it really work in return.

It was nice to see CEO and President Ms. Riza Mantaring and Chief Marketing Officer Ms. Mylene Lopa once again in this event. I always see and chat with them during their regular and popular SunPiology run events.

Financial Independence Month activities

In order to address the situation and help Filipinos act on their financial concerns, Sun Life launched the #FIT2LiveFree campaign this Financial Independence Month. After all, Sun Life is here to empower Filipinos so they can truly enjoy a life that’s free from financial worries.
sunlifeTo inspire them to take care of both their wealth and health in a fun and interactive way, Sun Life will make available digital content to engage the public. Those who would like to determine their money mannerisms can take the Moneyrism Quiz on Facebook, while those who would like to share their fitness journey can join the conversation on Instagram with the hashtag #WellnessWednesday. By engaging with fellow wealth and health enthusiasts online, they get the chance to win minor prizes of FitBit wireless activity wristbands and a grand prize of a travel package to Seoul, South Korea.
P1220451“There seems to be a disconnect between the Filipinos priorities and concerns and the way they financially prepare for these. They are worried about their health and possible illness but they do not prepare financially. Most of them rely on their active income or on other people to fund their needs” said Sunlife President and CEO Riza Mantaring. ” What we need to remember is that wealth and health go hand in hand . By making sure that the right products are availed of to prepare for both wealth goals and health needs, Juan can be more fit to live free.”

After the related talks provided by invited guests SINAG winner and rising author Risa Fausto, SLAMCI President Riena Pama and SunLife’s Ms. Lopa, the Brighter Life Institute was at the same time launched for those wanting to go on an in-depth learning of personal finance, as modular lessons will also be offered on. Its initial offering is a five-module lesson for those starting their financial journey. This can be accessed at, where relevant articles are also shared regularly. The Brighter Life Institute is another pioneering financial literacy effort of Sun Life to reach out to more people online. Congratulations!
P1220463P1220465P1220460All these initiatives will help Filipinos determine the product solutions that will help them achieve the wealth and health goals that they have identified . To address their wealth goals, Sun Life offers the Sun Life Prosperity Funds, which will be promoted in a new TV spot called “Live Free” that
encourages Filipino to invest in their Financial freedom. For their health needs , Sun Life has Sun Life Assure and Sun Flexi Assist, to ensure that they have the funds to regain their health, should sickness occur.

“We’re here to empower Filipinos so they can truly enjoy a life that’s free from financial worries” Mantarang said. ” They deserve nothing less.”

That’s very true, Ms. Riza. The time is now to really invest our funds and reap its fruits when the need and time comes. If we don’t do it now…when?

Many thanks for the invite good friend Arnel Bautista. Until your next exciting and very noble events Ms. Riza and Mylene! More power to SunLife Financial and #FIT2LiveFree campaign.  


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