Say Hi & Hello to… 7Flavors! Your 3-in-1 Food Place


Hear ye! Hear ye!
There’s a new restaurant go-to on the block in the San Juan area. Only more than a week old, 7Flavors restaurant will surely tickle your fancy and get you curious what in the world are these seven flavors in the yummy world of eats?!

196 A. Mabini St. Brgy.Addition Hills
San Juan, Metro Manila
Contact number: 543-0325


Hi there, Chef Boy Logro! ☺

7Flavors is the latest and newest exciting 3-in-1 food place and one stop dining venue when it comes to the world of gourmet cafe, artisan bakeshop and eat-all-you can world of fusion buffet treats! And if you are familiar with GMA-7’s resident food expert, Chef Boy Logro, he is one of the owners and is proud of this latest food venture.

P1210357P1210358Just recently fellow blogger Ms. Kathy Kenny extended an invite to check out this place and try out the sumptuous food 7Flavors has to offer. She gave us a heads up that the place has buffet. And
when it comes to buffets, it’s music to my ears! Yay!

Ms. Rina alongside with co-owner Mr. Karlo Aquino warmly welcomed us at their high-ceilinged cafe lounge where what struck us most is this huge and colorful Menu Board and a string
of handwritten options when it comes to drinks, pastries and pasta.



Inferno Milkshake for P80. Don’t be deceived by its “refreshing” look!

Their beverages is mainly composed of interesting and fascinating fruit and juice shakes, hot or cold coffee and their bestseller milkshakes! A lot to choose from, I got curious and ordered this
drink called Inferno Milkshake at P80. What makes this drink unique? It does not really look fiery red or so but the secret is in the “hot” taste via its… Well, I will let you find out for yourself!


Dreamy Milkshakes Galore!

Even the milkshake names are unique and catchy. My fellow bloggers ordered these refreshers:

Bubblegum Dreams @P120.00
Butterbeer Milkshake @P155.00
Smores Milkshake @P140.00
Mango-Banana Smoothie @P110.00
Elvis Shake – @180.00


Great to know from Mr. Aquino that they came up with a cool milkshake tribute to iconic Elvis “The King” Presley who is among my all-time favorite performer.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan on the other hand, you will love to sample their Butterbeer Milkshake. Worth the exciting taste!

Our group was personally escorted and ushered upstairs by Mr. Aquino himself and he pointed out that the interiors and ambiance of the buffet area is different from the looks of its ground floor
cafe area. And he was right after personally stepping foot on perhaps the most went-to place of the resto —– The World Fusion Buffet of 7Flavors!


Consisted of its main dining hall, the buffet area has also allotted a mini-private space for families or groups good for at least 15-20 pax who opts for a little privacy in enjoying all the food.


Vegetable Salad




Pork Bagnet with Fermented Shrimp


Garlic Green Beans



Buttered Chicken


Pumpkin Fritata


Fried Potato with Cheese and Bacon


Chicken Drumstick Sticky Lemon Sauce


Malaysian Beef Randang – One of my fave!


Korean Style Mafu Tofu

The Menu List on the day of our food-tasting visit:
Vegetable Salad
Seasonal Fruits
Hot Soup
Steamed Rice
Bagoong Rice
Garlic Green Beans
Pork Bagnet with Fermented Shrimp
Buttered Chicken
Pumpkin Fritata
Fried Potato with Cheese and Bacon
Chicken Drumstick Sticky Lemon Sauce
Buttered Vegetables
Malaysian Beef Randang
Norwegian Meat Balls
Korean Style Mafu Tofu
Beef Bourguignon
Fried Fish with Tropical Fruits Salsa
Eggplant Parmigiana
Asian BBQ Pork Ribs
Shrimp Coconut Tempura
Chicken Wings Butter Spicy Sauce
Waffle-maker sandwich

Being the buffet lover that I am, I loved all the food line up! But among my stand outs included the Asian BBQ Pork Ribs, Bagoong Rice, Korean Style Mafu Tofu, Chicken Drumstick Sticky Lemon Sauce plus the hot corn soup!

Since it was a Sunday close to lunch time when we visited the place, it was cool to have dined at 7Flavors with several families and groups of friends all trooping the buffet section! Jampacked!


Strawberry Cup Chef


Mango Bar


Lime and Tea Shots

Dessert Bar:
German Chocolate Bar, Mango Bar, Apple Caramel Cramble Shot, Lime and Tea Shot, Strawberry Cup Chef.  —– I’ve got the sweet tooth so all the desserts are thumbs up especially the Lime Shot!

Mr. Aquino also encouraged us to try out their Italian Soda version which looked very enticing complete with its cocktail sugar on the glass rim. So my fellow blogger-tablemates requested for the Blueberry, Passion Fruit, Strawberry and Kiwi flavors. You guys better try it out too for only P80.
After all the delish buffet dishes, tasty milkshakes, sweetest of desserts we’ve had, what I would guarantee as our 7Flavors highlight is the sampling of their in-house bestsellers, the 7Flavors Ensaymada and Cheesecake creations!

As described by their pastry chef, this lovely cheesecake has infused calamansi on a Coconut and Graham Crust topped with Ube and Langka mixture and fresh Durian frosted with Coffee Cream and dusted with Chocnut Crumble. Who would ever think that the King Durian of Davao will successfully blend with Langka and Ube and Chocnut? Amazing isn’t it? As I took a bite, durian immediately took over (as per the warning of Mr. Aquino, haha!) as the strongest taste but further on, the other sweet/bitter blend came rushing in making my first time 7Flavors Cheesecake (for only P120/pc) experience exquisitely memorable.
Another foodie favorite, the 7Flavors Ensaymada version is definitely another must-try folks! For only P50 a piece, you’re going to have these flavors— vanilla butter cream,
cheese, flan, ube, pandan, coconut and bacon all rolled into one! Wow, it is fascinating that bacon is present in this yummy bread as a topping. You will have a nice time trying to imagine and taste the other flavors. I also found the dough texture really “gummy-bear” like! So expect a very chewy and fun ensaymada treat only from 7Flavors. Kids and adults alike will surely love it!
P1210260Curious on their buffet rates?
Mon-Thurs (Lunch) @P399.95
Mon-Thurs (Dinner) @P499.95
Fri-Sun (Lunch/Dinner) @P599.95
P1210353I suggest that you take advantage of their soft opening promo of 20% discount until June 14, 2015. Better yet, have your Father’s Day celebration in advance and other special occasions here. Definitely worth the trip and taste of course!
Do keep these schedules handy for your 7Flavors visit:
7Flavors Artisan Bakery: 7AM-8PM Daily
7Flavors Gourmet Cafe: 8AM-11PM Daily
7Flavors World Fusion Buffet: 11AM-2PM (Lunch)
6-10PM (Dinner)
P1210360Wacky moment with owners Mr. Karlo Aquino and Chef Boy Logro…Super fun! I gained a few pounds, haha! See you again soon!

To answer the hanging question I posted earlier, here are your SEVEN popular flavors:
7flavahI would definitely come back to 7Flavors and try out their other yummy foodie line up especially in the Cafe Gourmet. Pasta pasta…wait for me! Would love to bring in my family and recommend this awesome restaurant to my friends and food-loving soulmates! The staff are polite, courteous and warm. Keep it up!

Many thanks to Ms. Kathy Kenny for the invite and Mr. Karlo Aquino for all the info and exciting “kuwento’s” you shared with us. Thank you as well to Ms. Roselyn and Kuya Ricky for the food assist. 7Flavors is definitely the newest and latest food place to be in the heart of historic San Juan!

Do visit and LIKE their Facebook page for more info and promo updates. Thanks guys!
Let’s EAT!




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