Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour PH 2015 Tickled My Fancy…Again!

11202530_1444386272521606_748152199_nKATY PERRY 
Philippine Arena

May 7, 2015 

She came back and she re-conquered the hearts of many “kitty” fans here in the Philippines after her 2009 debut visit. What a grandiose and colorful and entertaining package Katy Perry always brings to her world tours and to the hearts of millions of supporters around the world. And last night, Manila was the center of her Prismatic world and how we shone so bright!
11243756_1631015407112674_134221363_nThe Manila leg is extra memorable to Katy due to the fact it’s the 138th show in the list of 150 performances and at the same time exactly one year since the Prismatic World Tour was launched in Europe.  “Let’s go all the way, Manila!” she declared during the concert.
11230472_810909535657222_27605035_nKaty’s shows just gets better and better aside from her classic popular hits. The magnitude of the sets and costumes and elaborate creative wardrobes is a testament that Katy is serious with her thing and she always aims to give her fans their time and money’s worth whenever she’s out on the road wherever they may be.
11205831_809153095799803_798835602_nKaty was able to pack in more than 30,000 screaming fans here at the Philippine Arena and was considered the first ever solo artist to hold a major show. Congrats PA! Clap clap! We are once again in her concert book!
11236007_832302940182067_1007087285_n  The fans were treated to all the greatest hits from opening number “Roar”, “I Kissed a Girl”, “The One that Got Away”, “Dark Horse”, “Unconditionally”, “California Gurls”, “By the Grace of God”, “Vogue”, “Part of Me”, “Wide Awake”, and encore “Firework” among a setlist of 20 songs.
11205883_846865005396552_152268404_n 11208100_625421807594103_722990947_nA lucky fan named Marty, was super lucky he got pulled out by Katy in the middle of her show for some cute chat time like what Katy always does. She loves to interact with fans and make new friends. Marty was clad in the same costume as that of her “Vogue” number – a fish suit! And as expected, they both had a “selfie” moment onstage and rare Katy hugs to the envy of the crowd.
11230544_368399790034448_64096121_nThere was no dancing shark in this one and how we missed it, shucks! Maybe Katy did it on purpose. The sharks were perhaps only exclusive to her NFL performance. But dancing left shark or not, the Prismatic World Tour is a surefire box office hit for Katy and her travelling production team of at least 128 hardworking and dedicated peeps!

Thank you Katy for coming back and we hope and pray for more success, hit songs and another world tour in the works very soon! You are such an inspiration to the millions of “Katy Cats” here and your songs will always warm our hearts and tickle our fancies.

God bless you and your family and keep on rockin! We see you again!

Photo Credits:  Awesome Instagram pics. Thanks to all the owners including Katy’s IG (last photo) and how I loved her message re the Manila leg.


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