#GadgetForYourBudget aka Samwon Electronics

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My very first personal encounter with the Samwon brand happend in 1994 when my former boyfriend and I were scouting for a new handy AM/FM radio. We are both music lovers and we wanted a portable radio we could bring in our out of town trips or fun picnics.

Right smack of our budget that time, we came across a black and silver Samwon radio, immediately bought it and named him “Sammy”. We loved to name our stuff and personal gadgets because it’s really cute doing so.  “Sammy” was one of our fave music buddy aside from our “walkmans” and extensively travelled near and far. Thank you Samwon!

Just recently, Samwon Electronics re-launched some of its products and introduced new and updated ones during a blogger’s gathering at Jill’s resto bar The Fort. Many thanks for the invite Ms. Cherry Bustamante of The Big Difference Communications.

For the past two decades since 1992, Samwon Elecronics here in the Philippines h wholesaler and distributor of quality home, car, and professional audio / video systems such as TV’s, speakers, amplifiers, mixers, steros, components and all related accessories.
samwonThe Samwon Team also raffled off some exciting items to fellow bloggers on the categories of travel, beach scene and singing among a few. Congrats to the winners!

For entertainment and audio production needs, you can check out the Power Mixers provided by the Mickel and X12 brands. Available units with their specs and prices can be found when you
shop at the Lazada or OLX shop sites.
Continuous product development and regularly upgrading product designs and functionality keep
Samwon fresh and competitive in the market. Rest assured Samwon will continuously provide better products to uplift the lives of the Filipino people.
You will be pleased that Samwon has always had their SRP’s or Suggested Retail Prices very affordable to consumers who are out on a very good deal and particular on the budget.

Just visit their website for more product lines and details www.samwon.ph.



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