What a Superbike Blast! Congrats Philippine Ducati Weekend 2014

These mega superbikers painted the town red!

The 2nd Philippine Ducati Weekend held November 22-23 at Clark International Speedway was a smashing success! All thanks to the Ducati bike owners who graced the event together with their families, friends and fellow riding club mates.

Ducati Philippines’ General Manager Marc de Joya was at the entrance arc himself to welcome us media and bloggers to the exciting weekend event.

The activity area was full-packed with several fun attractions to the participants and guests. Kids and adults alike had a grand time at the Inflatable Slide, Velcro Wall, Dunk Tank, Henna Tattoo, Spa and Caricature Corner, Photo Booth and of course the exciting Bull Ride! There was a Bike Wash area where a couple of very sexy foreigner bike wash ladies ready to clean and wash those Ducati bikes. I met and had pic with one of the ladies. Thank you Joanna for our photo op!

Some of the riders took part in a short but fun obstacle course that tested their precision and speed by finishing the course in less than a minute!

A cool display of the popular Ducati Monster and Panigale bikes was set up and we could not stop taking pictures of it. It is not everyday we get to see these road wonders.

Of course the main event of the PDWeekend was the appearance of former Superbike World Bike champion Carlos Checa who arrived at the Speedway in VIP style! Via a shiny blue helicopter, woot woot! That’s what I call, “grand entrance”!
IMG_20141122_105730Carlos is considered as one of the “rock stars” of the global Ducati community.

After landing, Carlos immediately checked the tracks out and rode onto his Ducati bike. It’s his way of shaking off jetlag as well I believe, haha! Being the world champ that he is, Carlos showed off his riding and super bike skills and even taught/shared some tips to fellow Ducatistis as he rode with them on the Speedway.
IMG_20141122_112552He then obliged for photo ops and autograph signing to the riders and bike enthusiasts alike myself included. I had my red 2XU cap signed by Carlos and it was a thrill!


Later that evening, a press conference was held at the Piano Bar of the Fontana Resorts Hotel.
Together with Carlos at the VIP table were ATAT’s Jay Carrion, young riders Raniel Resuello with TJ Alberto, Marketing Director for Asia David James and Ducati Philippines’ President Toti Alberto.

I got the chance to ask 17 year old TJ, the son of Mr. Alberto how he manages to train on the tracks while attending school. “It is not easy to train while going to school. But I am able to manage it through discipline. I mostly train during the weekends,” he shared.

FYI: TJ has been riding a motor bike since he was 10 years old.

I also asked Mr. Checa what kind of legacy he would like to impart to his fellow bike riders. He gave a great response. ” It is not everyday you win in your tournaments or competitions. There will be others who will be better than you. You must have the passion and dedication in everything you do. Practice and make sacrifices. When you do these, anything can be possible.”

Very inspiring!
IMG_20141122_202254To also welcome the nice shiny yellow Ducati Scrambler in the Philippines, a luau-inspired pool party was held the same evening which was open to all participants, family and guests of the PDW. Unlimited house drinks, cocktail and pica pica food were served and believe me, I had a stomach-full of it, haha!

Many thanks to Sir Toti Alberto for the media dinner held at The Grill of Fontana Resorts. We appreciated it a whole lot!
IMG_20141122_204924GrillOverall, it was a really great and fun Philippine Ducati Weekend 2014. GM Marc was pleased to share very good sales of Ducati bikes this year and how the RP Market is faring well in Asia.

I have always been impressed with these king of the road Ducati super bikes. it may be one of the most expensive bikes out there but it is all worth the price. Seeing and hearing them dominate the road especially the super highways is now music to my ears.

Congratulations to the organizers of PDW 2014 weekend. Looking forward to your next great events. Many thanks for the kind invite Ms. Cherry Bustamante-Burwell.

Long live DUCATI !!!


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