Sineng Pambansa Horror Film Festival at SM Cinemas October 29-November 4

It’s Halloween and All Soul’s Day weekend and to all horror movie fanatics, here’s a treat you can;t resist! Are you in for a scary ride?

Get ready to relive Filipino folklore horror as SM Cinema and the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) bring youSineng Pambansa Horror Plus Film Festival.

Titled after the well-known (and feared) folklore characters, the T’yanak and the Hukluban, will take you back to when you were a child, listening to your grandparents’ stories of murderous monster babies and the Philippine version of the grim reaper. Sigaw sa Hatinggabi brings to life our fear of harmful ghosts while Bacao tells the story of the shocking repulsions a woman would go through just to get pregnant.

Horror TyanakStarring Judy Ann Santos, T’yanak is a horror film about a quiet townbeing attacked by a tiyanak.

Horror HuklubanGil Portes’s horror film Hukluban is a story of horror and romance as a woman tries to find the cure to her curse- true love.

SM Cinema’s Sineng Pambansa Horror Film Festival will surely satisfy your movie craving with its dash of nostalgia, mix of genres, and fear inducing stories! To make your experience more horror-tastic, all e-PLUS Tap to Pay holders receive a 10% discount for the first movie, and a 50% discount for the second Sineng Pambansa movie purchase. Drop by any SM Cinema branch to catch these films from October 29 until November 4 only.

Horror SigawSigaw is a horror film about the investigation of a murder of a battered wife with the suspect being the ghost of serial killer.

Horror BacaoOpposite the fruitful harvest of corn in their village, Mayet and Able’s marriage is not. Bacao tells the story of a woman who would go through lengths to bear a child.

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