A Well-Deserved 2014 Race Season ATAT MC! Cheers!


I’ve only known this fast-rising motorcycle club a few months ago and at first I could not believe the weekend rides they do with their Ducati and Aprilia superbikes. Of course they would always prefer riding out of town to really put the test their need for speed.

Just recently on October 17th, the ATAT (Anytime All the Time) Racing Team had their very simple thanksgiving and victory party in one. Those in attendance were family, rider friends, media/bloggers and their generous sponsors.

During the mini presscon that took place, ATAT Jay Carrion shared that an amateur team that they are, he and rest of the ATAT teamates are humbled and thankful for the support of their other rider friends from several rider clubs. They are not to compete with them but to be one in their passion for riding.

When asked what is their team secret to being different from the other teams or clubs, “It is our brotherhood among one another. We help each other out. We inspire and we motivate, emphasized ATAT Marc de Joya

I personally asked them that after all the podium wins and titles they have garnered for the group, what other tournaments or championships are they aiming for next year and ATAT Jvs Aguila was quick to reply with a big smile, “Uhmm, the Mister Philippines title!” to the laughter of everyone in the room.

There was unlimited buffet food and drinks wiht the wine or liquor of your choice.The generous sponsors sent in excitring prizes to be won by the lucky guests during the raffle portions. A few blogger friends won GCs and premium
items. Well, my luck will come next time!

Prominent personalities spotted that night were Councilor Belmonte, owners of Tuason Racing School, Granstar Motors among others and actor Dominique Roque. Ms. Bien Singson ofthe Megaworld Group also gave a few words of congratulations on a well-deserved racing season for ATAT. A grand toast of cheers by everyone present was offered to the team for more success !
The party and celebration was hosted by DJ Kat Alano and MarcoIlao of Megaworld Propterties, also one of the kind sponsors of ATAT MC.

A pat on the back goes to Ms.Cherry Burwell who helped organize and put together this successful Victory Party with the generous assistance of her angels.

The future holds very bright for the ATAT MC and racing team. They are not only accomplished individually when it comes to their careers but as a group they grow and excel more. They are a solid band of riding brothers!

Many thanks for the invite Ms. Cherry and ATAT MC. ☺
Congrats ATAT MC and more success to come! God bless your team ☺☺


Summary of the 2014 ATAT MC podium and title wins-to-date: 

Ducati Cup

Leg 1 & 2 – 2nd runner up Superlegends — Benjie Ladra
Leg 1 & 2 – 1st runner up Naked Class — AJ Maralit
1st runner up Overall Novice Division — Lawrence Macalinao
1st runner up Overall Open Division — Vince Mercado
1st runner up Overall Intermediate Division — Richard Panlilio
Overall Champion Intermediate Division — Jay Carrion

Alpinestars and Granstar Cup Race

2nd runner up Overall Elite Class — Lawrence Macalinao
1st runner up Overall Elite Class — Jay Carrion
1st runner up Premiere Class — Mervin Pullon
Champion Premiere Class — Charlie Carlos
1st runner up Overall — JC Villanueva

Pirelli Cup

2nd runner up Leg 3 — Lawrence Macalinao
First runner up Overall Leg 1 Class A — JC Villanueva
Overall Champion Leg 3 Class C — Myke Torres
Overall Champion Leg 2 Class B — Richard Panlilio
Overall Champion Leg 3 Class B —Myke Torres
Overall Champion Leg 1, 2 & 3 Open Class — Jevis Aguila

Motorally Race

2nd runner up Overall Heavyweight Division Club R — Lawrence Macalinao
Finisher Ironman 1200KM Endurance Race — Marc de Joya

2nd runner up Elite Class 650 cc — Jevis Aguila
2nd runner up Elite Class 650 cc — JC Villanueva
2nd runner up 1000cc Division — Marc De Joya
2nd runner up 1000cc Division — Elton Ong

Philippine National Superbike

2nd runner up Leg 3 Intermediate Division — Vince Mercado
2nd runner up Leg 2 Masters Division — Jay Carrion
2nd runner up Leg 5 Masters Division — Jay Carrion
2nd runner up Race 2-5 — Lawrence Macalinao
Race 6 Champion — Lawrence Macalinao
1st runner up Overall Novice Division — Lawrence Macalinao

Thank you to all sponsors during the Victory Party some of which made it to the raffle list:
Manny O Wines, Don Papa Rum, McDonald’s, Spyder, Saboten, Granstar, Sleepworth, FeiYue Philippines, Brickfire, Foilacar, TAT PH Travel Agency, Pirelli, PowerMac Center, Microtel, Megaworld, Technomarine.
Congrats to all raffle winners! My luck will come next time! Enjoy your prizes guys ☺

Most of all mega congrats to the ATAT MC for nailing it this race season, More riding power! 
To God be the Glory!



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