Hello My City…Quezon City!


Pres. Manuel Luis Quezon (Aug 19 1878-Aug 1 1944) One of my favorite portrait of MLQ.

I am a proud resident of Quezon City here in the Philippines. My city used to be the former capital for sometime before it was renamed to Manila. All thanks to  former President Manuel Luis Quezon whose 134th birthday we are commemorating today. Aside from being president, we also consider him one of our national heroes.
The headquarters of the internal revenue and social security system are also located here. Some of the offices of the country’s biggest movie makers and its studios are also found in the same city.  Some say Quezon City is also called the “City of the Stars” due to the influence of showbizness in my exciting city! Some of the best and largest malls are situated here too! We still have a lot of trees to give us cool shades and 02 supply! What else can you ask for?
qCmemcircle3                                                        Quezon as depicted in our early P20 peso bill of more than 45 years ago.

qCmemcircle4                                Current P20 peso bills in memory of our1st Commonwealth and Republic president.

I simply love my city! I am grateful my parents who hails from Bicolandia have chosen to settle in this historic side of the metro! Thank you for your lasting legacy Pres. Quezon….it will linger on and on…. ☺☺


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