Riding High with FILA & ATAT Racing Team

A ‘good’ ride is one you can walk away from. A ‘great’ ride is one you can walk away from and use the bike again. –Anonymous 
And that great ride is what motivates and allows a group of motorcycle riders to conquer Manila all the way up to Baguio in just 20 minutes! What the…?! Yes, it’s possible at a speed of more than 250 KPH! My jaw dropped learning this crazy fact direct from ATAT Racing Team during their recent event as official partners with FILA Philippines held July 9, 2014 at Jill’s in The Fort, BGC. Several Ducati motorbikes were on display including the mean Superbike edition! I only see them on television but seeing those power bikes upclose that night was really something else! I can only drool…
10445988_320875568078827_198786744011376695_nClub Treasurer and Past President Jay Carrion together with his teamates graciously met with us group of bloggers to share their exciting history and road adventures as a motorbike club founded in 2002 by longtime friends who share the same passion in riding big and high-powered bikes.
GE DIGITAL CAMERAducati“One can not just join our club…you have to get invited.” he points out. Wow, an exclusive club that’s By Invitation Only? Yes guys, it’s another possible thing.
10483817_10152995495643135_8946050464089354487_o (1)ATAT”, a popular vernacular which means someone all too eager and impatient to do something. also stands for Any Time All the Time, perfectly describes what these guys can do despite their personal busy schedules as business owners and executives. At the end of their busy corporate week, and the moment weekend checks in, they gather, gear up and ride their mean Ducati’s for a fast road ride that usually brings them just about anywhere outside the city. Mostly along NLEX, SLEX leading to out of town destinations you can imagine. Their wives and girlfriends are confident they are always focused and careful on the fast lane. Now that’s comforting to hear.
ATATFILA222“Of course safety is our main concern and we take care of each other when we’re out there.” shared club president Elmer Pabale. “We do hand signals and observe road courtesy on the highway”, adds Carrion. They even indicated that road accidents and fatalities can happen out  on the road when a rider is not careful and alert. That’s the reason when they want to really maximize their bike speeds, they prefer doing it on the race tracks which is a more controlled and safer environment.
katalinaATAT simply loves and maintains their Italian motorbikes, the Ducati founded in 1926 by Antonio Cavalieri Ducati and his three sons, Adriano, Marcello, and Bruno Cavalieri Ducati which a piece of tire alone costs P18,000! Whaaaaat? Talk about main parts and accessories of a bike that costs more than a million pesos. It’s like a luxury car only thing it rides on two wheels. Eleven ATAT members ride the Ducati Panigale’s while the remaining eleven riders sport the Aprilia RSV4 – two very high-end Italian bike brands out in the market.

While I am happy riding a scooter, these guys are happier when they join competitions which boast their riding skills. Recently ATAT Vince, Richard and Lawrence riders podiumed during the Ducati Nationals Pirelli Cup held June 28-29, 2014. Congrats guys! ATAT Lawrence happens to be a friend and fellow runner and one of the founders of HyperSports Team who’s events I have supported. Thank you for the kind words. If you think the first placer gets a 5-digit cash prize? Think again. ATAT members will tell you their bike maintenance costs more than landing in the Top 3. But the sheer recognition of winning, proving something individually and representing your club is for them the best feeling. Any monetary reward is unable to match that accomplishment!
GE DIGITAL CAMERAAnd FILA Philippines is proud to support ATAT Racing Team because these riders aim to be the best in what they do. They are fearless and ready to take on any challenge!
msalbert222The joint celebration was highlighted with a surprise advanced birthday bash (helped put together by Advertising and Promotions Manager Cherry Bustamante Burwell and her hardworking team) for FILA Philippines president Ms. Cris Albert who looked stunningly beautiful and I super liked your glittery shoes ma’am! STYLE QUEEN! Thank you for our cool snap together. Happy Birthday on July 11! Great health and more blessings to you, your family and FILA PH. God bless all your birthday wishes…☺☺

grouppixmsalbert“Thank you all for coming to my 25th birthday”, says Ms.Albert amidst cheers and applause.

IMG_20140709_205306FILA endorsers Fabio Ide, Jessica Kienle and Wesley Machado hosted the main program as ATAT Racing Team club officers and members got introduced to the rest of the guests.  The club also took the chance to thank their team manager Lester Codog of Foilacar and the rest of their sponsors and supporters. Congrats to all raffle prize winners from FILA PH who gave away (10) Shoe gift certificates and (3) Technomarine watches! Ralph’s also raffled and gave away 120 bottles of vodka and luckily I was a recipient, wohoo! Thank you! We got treated to unlimited booze and pica-pica food (i will not forget what happend to our junior crispy pata! hehehe!) and relaxing accoustic music provided by Peppermint Jam. Three of my fellow bloggers Alice, Ivan and FPJ separately took the stage as they sang and jammed along with their chosen ditties! Singing bloggers represent! Kayo na! ☺☺

GE DIGITAL CAMERAGE DIGITAL CAMERAdrinksfoodsShortly before midnight, a mini-concert was held courtesy of concert queen Ms. Pops Fernandez, a good celebrity-friend of Ms.Albert who also gamely sang and performed a duet of Point of View. Later, actress-comedianne Ruffa Mae Quinto added extra spice and belted out Let It Go from Frozen and Katy Perry’s Fireworks. We all raised the roof!

collage222GE DIGITAL CAMERAPops222Other notable guests and FILA endorsers who caught my eye and lens were JM Rodriguez, Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 finalist Katalina Rodriguez, Globe Telecoms executive Dong Ronquillo II, politician Roland Singson, RP Volcanoes Rugby Head Coach Matt Mullen, RP Volcanoes players Rupert Zappia, Jake Letts, Harry Morris. Too bad close personal friends of the birthday girl, Tim Yap and Tessa Prieto-Valdes were not in attendance. I’m very sure Ms.Albert will have more birthday parties this weekend.
3somerugbycollageOn our way out sometime 2:30AM, the music was still up and some party guests were still enjoying their time and drinks. I and four blogger friends even had a cool chat with RP Volcanoes head coach Matt Cullen. What the coach shared is going to be exposed in another blog post. So watch out!
10446311_10152499238641740_5324464769702754796_o10345927_320875504745500_2290026195234392363_nMr. Carrion also extended the invite for us bloggers to come watch them ride their power Ducati’s on an actual road track during the first weekend of August and receive some VIP guests treatment. Now that would truly be mega awesome! Paging Ms. Cherry?!?

Congratulations to FILA Philippines & ATAT Racing Team partnership and a fun-filled birthday partey-partey Ms. Cris Albert! More to come. It’s a great time to celebrate! ☺☺☺

**Many thanks for the invite Ms. Cherry Bustamante Burwell and the ride home Kuya Ted Claudio.

Some in action road track & Ducati photos courtesy of atat.com.ph. 


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