Happy #Zoocial Media Day!

zmdayZoomanity Group, the leader in Theme Parks in the Philippines with CEO Robert Laurel Yupangco is celebrating & joining the whole world for the 3rd Annual Social Media Day with “Zoocial Media Day for Bloggers” event on June 28, 2014 and inviting Bloggers to visit Paradizoo Farm in Mendez, Cavite and Residence Inn, Tagaytay for free and with transport provided.

This is to give thanks for the support of the online influencers in making the different theme parks (Zoobic Safari in Zambales, Zoocobia in Clark, Pampanga,  Paradizoo in Mendez, Cavite, Residence Inn, Tagaytay, Zoocolate Thrills in Bohol & Z Planet inside Star City in Manila) under Zoomanity Group as the preferred destination of families, students and tourists for their relaxing time & when they just like to be in nature and to have an animal encounter.
For the Zoocial Media Day event for Bloggers, expect to be in nature and agricultural setting inside the 12 hectares farm facility of Paradizoo. Enjoy the vegetable picking, farm animals encounter like Ostriches,  Horses in different sizes, Pot belly pigs,  learn about the bees then try the Zing line ride afterwards.
Just recently, Zoomanity Group celebrated the year of the horse with the biggest horse parade in the Philippines and proudly showing off their different breed of horses from Stallion to miniature horses.
The other theme park to be visited on June 28, 2014 is Residence Inn at Tagaytay City. It’s a 2 hectares facility with an exclusive rooms since there are only 12 units overlooking the majestic Taal volcano of Batangas. At Residence Inn, you will find exotic animals from different colors of Burmese Python, Tigers, Crocodiles to the king of the jungle: the mighty lions.
According to Marketing & Branding Consultant Grace Bondad Nicolas, “The owner of this company Mr. Robert Yupangco believes about the power of Social Media thus supporting the awareness for Social Media Day. Zoomanity Group is inviting Bloggers to join in this annual event to have a Zoorific experience.”

I really love animals so much so seeing and being with them upclose. Being at Paradizoo in Mendez, Cavite for the first time was a lot of fun! The theme farm is sooo huge at 12 hectares with a lot of areas to explore! I was impressed that they also breed animals that’s why it’s ok to sell some to the public. The welcome drink of lemon grass “tanglad” juice was very refreshing and had just the right combo of lemon and honey for my tasting. Our assigned tour guide was Ms. Karen who accompanied our group and has a mastery of the entire place! 

All of their animals are simply adorable. Felt like a kid again taking pics of horses, cows, ostriches, rabbits and even pot belly pigs! And speaking of cows, they have a resident cow named Voltes V due to her 5th limb! Amaaazing! Me and fellow bloggers took lots of pictures!

We even learned how to milk a goat! Well at least a couple of us. It’s not easy milking them since you have to be extra careful not to hurt them in the process. One must also be hygienic at all times to ensure no untoward infection happens.

Aside from these exciting animals, Paradizoo also has a very lovely and colorful flower garden which can be the perfect wedding or anniversary venue. The different colored-butterflies endlessly flying over various flowers inside the Butterfly House is as fun as always. Very challenging to capture these winged wonders in action on cam. Paradizoo also breeds Bees and sell some pure honey produce. The caretaker shared with us there is bee season for harvesting honey and it is during the rainy season that’s most challenging for them to maintain the thousands of bees. 

There is also a Pet Cemetery inside the farm and a replica of a Noah’s Arc beside it. Remember in the Bible when Noah tried saving all the animals before the Great Flood? It’s the depiction on just how abundant the animals are at Paradizoo.

Some of my fellow bloggers bought lots of plants and vegetables at a good price. I had a fun time seeing all the popular plants and herbs i see in the Food Network channel. They have lots of basil. parsely, mint, lettuces, beans and I believe the entire veggie listing in the popular Bahay Kubo song!

Our fun did not end at Paradizoo for we were brought next to Casa Alegria for a hearty lunch with a perfect view of Taal Volcano overlooking Taal Lake! The road going down was very steep and challenging to our driver. Good job kuya! The moment we arrived, all of us headed up the rooftop for lots of photo ops with the cute volcano and out came the monopod selfies and groupies, haha! We were served crispy pata and a very yummy soup and tasty green mango ensalada! Healthy drink was courtesy of buco water direct from the husk! I felt we were dining by the beachside, haha!

Ms. Arlene who manages the place gave us a quick tour of the rooms all with a perfect view of Taal Volcano in all angles. They have Family Rooms and a Couple’s Room just right for honeymooners, celebrating their anniversaries or simply a relaxing romantic vacation. Very good referral to families or barkadas looking for affordable alternative hotels to stay in this side of Tagaytay.

Another great place to visit to in Tagaytay is Residence Inn. You thought it’s only for staying in but the place also has more animal attractions and a cool zipline overlooking the lake! Our group had one of the best hands on experience holding a live albino python named Alvin! It was my first time to actually hold a cold snake! Whoa their scales for me are ticklish! I have really brave fellow bloggers who even had solo pics with Alvin, like me! We also had a sit beside shot with a baby Bengal tiger who really loves to drink milk! Again, my first time to actually sit beside this wild but well-loved creature. Gooo USTe!

Was also fun having our pics taken with the resident cuckatoo, iguana and owl! I called it the Harry Potter owl haha!

I love ziplines! And I did not miss the chance to also try this one which looked like a very good try for beginners or who haven’t tried zipping before.



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