Disney’s Maleficent – Best Seen @ A Trinoma Cinema ☺

VideoWallEarlier this week, I received a random invite (for bloggers) to watch Angelina Jolie’s latest flick, MALEFICENT at Trinoma Cinema 1 via block screening. It was an answered prayer since I really wanted to view this awesome movie on opening week with my family. To my advantage as well since I live near the mall. The widely-anticipated film opened nationwide here in the Philippines yesterday May 28, 2014.
CrowdInvite5Prior the scheduled 5PM viewing, we were served yummy cocktails courtesy of TGI Friday’s and Fish & Co. which my mom and I enjoyed some chicken, brownies, fish fillet carbonara and cupcake servings. It certainly satisfied our hungry tummies!

FishCo5555FridaysTGIFThe email invite I received indicated that we will have a great time and part of that were some raffle items given out before the movie started. I got extra lucky on the Find A Sticker Under Your Seat & Win a Prize part and in exchange, got a couple of gift certificates for The Mind Museum! Yeyyyy! Thank you thank you! Some got GCs from Rack’s restaurant and a Swatch watch.

IMG_20140530_174735Mom & I did not mind if the Maleficent we’re about to see isn’t the 3D or 4Dx version. The 2D but digital surround-sound feature of a Trinoma cinema makes up for the visual treat. I remember the first time I stepped into their cinema many, many years back that it got me impressed with their reclining high-back seats and adjustable arm rests. And that Trinoma cinema also combined the orchestra and balcony portions. They also offer food trays to avoid spillage of food & drinks while watching.

RegTableTrinomaSignAnd when the Maleficent screening finally rolled, all eyes were glued to Angelina Jolie’s rare and challenging portrayal of one of Disney’s interesting fairy tale character based on a well-loved classic 1959’s Sleeping Beauty. Who would have thought, Jolie was perfect for the villaness role? Make-up, costumes and production designs were elaborate. The CGI effects were made to perfection. Acting was fluid and the comedic punchlines funny & ticklish. I’ve always been impressed with Disney’s soundtrack. Never a dull moment. Kudos to James Newton-Howard.

Elle Fanning (younger sis to Dakota) was refreshing as the 16 year old Princess Aurora. Liked the way she smiles. But perhaps one of the best scenes I adored most was the mother-daughter portion of Jolie and 5 year old daughter Vivienne Jolie-Pitt! She’s got her mom’s eyes and great locks from Daddy Brad who must be really proud of his daughter’s film debut.
maleficent__Daughter-horzThe film was under 2 hours and it gave me enough time to meet up with blogger friends Sol and Dems (who also watched) outside the cinema for post-movie chat. Clicked more snaps with the grand Maleficent herself (even from a pop-up board)! ☺ Mom & I had had uber fun! Even my sister Mic showed up to join the fun as well. Two thumbs up! ☺

3someBloggersMaleficent has a very nice “twist” in its story and you’ve got to see it to find out! What better way is seeing it at a Trinoma Cinema…now! Relax & happy viewing lovees! ☺♥☺

***Many thanks for the kind invite Jonas de los Reyes & MJ Sazon (Socialytics Inc.) and to Trinoma Cinemas for always providing us movie afficionados awesome viewing pleasure at all times… ☺☺☺

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