Dog Whisperer invades Manila – Hello Cesar Millan!


I love watching this guy thru his shows aired at National Geographic and now Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer himself is coming to Manila on April 29, 2014 at Eastwood Central Plaza 730PM as part of his Asian tour which includes an entertaining live dog show, sharing his unique techniques on how to fix common dog misbehaviors. Now isn’t that cooL for all ye dog owners and fans of Cesar M?

“A dog’s world is one of instinct, perceived through nose, eyes and ears in that order. The human world is one of intellect, emotion and spirit. It can be difficult for these two worlds to communicate with each other,” said Millan. “When we humanize dogs, we create an imbalance in their natural state. This imbalance leads to behavioral issues. I am excited to bring my seminar to Asia, and I am honored to be invited here to share my techniques.”

I notice that Cesar’s behavioral techniques are incredible and he has this certain command that once he steps in the household of a troubled dig owner the dog senses that they’re in for a process that will help turn them around especially if they’re being pain the butt’s to their loving owners. Sometimes I even think he has this special hypnotic powers with dogs!  There were even certain episodes that tears me up when the dog is finally transformed and Cesar doesn’t just give up coz there are cases it takes weeks and even months before these dogs get transformed! Amaaaazing! 

Just visit for your tickets. There could still be a few more left. Ticket prices are Gold with meet and greet at P8,000; Silver P7,000; and Bronze, P6,000.

You can also tweet Cesar at @cesarmillan Drop him a message or two. He might just reply back or RT your note or greet! 


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