Baby’s Needs Made More Affordable Thanks to Baby World

Back in the days when there were no disposable diapers yet, my Mom would patiently and lovingly change my wet or soiled cloth diapers 24/7 wash, hang them and wait for it to dry. Those were the “manual washing” years and it was all fun during those growing up years if I would look back down my baby memory lane years with a big smile.

Fast forward to these modern times, makers of infant/baby products have come up with a wide array of instant products catering to each mom and baby’s needs plus more! 


Baby World best-sellers

One manufacturer I was blessed to have met in person in a recent product launch at Citrus Restaurant are the people or should I say the family behind #BabyWorld who has been in this business for about two decades. Super wow!


Affordable yet packed with quality.

Hands-on owner and eldest son, Jackie Sadhwani and Ms. Rica led the demo and presentation of selected #BabyWorld products to an excited and mixed group of bloggers (even non-Mommy ones like me & a Daddy blogger were amongst the crowd).


Getting to know more about Baby World courtesy of Jackie Sadhwani and Ms. Rica.


Not only mom’s but father’s must be acquainted too with baby products.


The blogger crowd at Baby World’s recent event held at Citrus Restaurant, Renaissance Tower.

Their potty seats, nursing pads, blankets and baby bibs or liners may look expensive upfront but if you check its tag price, is surprisingly just fit & right in the budget of every mom on the look out for quality yet affordable finds.  


There is a product for every baby’s needs at Baby World.

“My father who put up the business started out with toys and baby strollers,” recalls Sadhwani. “After 20 years, we’re happy to still be here. Our main concern with our products is quality first.”


Baby World’s Jackie Sadhwani proudly discusses their quality products to bloggers.

Locally established Hilton International Philippines which rolled out in 1993 has been providing a complete selection of baby products that are affordable and packed with quality. Some of their sought-after items include:  

• Baby Bibs 
• Baby hangers, pins, and diaper clips
• Bath Tub
• Blankets
• Cot sheet
• Feeding Bottles
• Feeding Dishes
• Kids Rider
• Potty Seats
• Puzzle Mat
• Rattle
• Teether
• Wash Cloth & Bathrobe

Baby World always sees to it that it is updated to new trends in baby products. Its goal is to offer the best lifestyle but at budget friendly rates  . Below are a few items from Baby World’s line of baby wellness products. Moms, let’s get to know some items better shall we? 


Baby Cushion Potty Seat 
Made with soft padded, hygienic PVC, it is ideal for baby toilet training. It is easy to use as it can be placed directly onto the existing toilet seat. It is also easy to clean as it can be wiped with a damp cloth after use or with a mild soap for stains. Fits the budget at P329.75 & P489.75 for potty seat with handle support.


Cot Sheet

Cot Sheet 
 Biodegradable, it is made from 100% superior quality natural latex rubber. It is specially designed with air bubbles to help circulate air flow.
Price:  P249.75 (22” X 15.5”) , P289.75 (24” x 16.5”) and P439.75 (35.5” x 23.5”)


Disposable Bibs

Baby Bibs
Prevents baby’s clothing from getting stained while eating. It has a water-resistant backing, soft and absorbent, no ties or hooks and convenient.
Price:  P69.75 (pack of 6) and P249.75 (travel box of 20) 


Changing Mats

Changing Mats 
Ideal product for mothers, safe to use for babies at home or on the go. It has an extra absorbent layer, leak proof liner & water-resistant backing that can be used to keep babies safe from unclean surfaces. Every pack of 4 multi-Purpose Change Mats costs only P69.75.


Peristaltic Nipple 
Ideal for babies that are breastfed because it’s naturally-shaped. These silicone nipples have a squeezable, skin-like texture and have teething nubs for tender gums. It also has innovative non-leaking anti-colic vents. Wider nipple based to prevent baby’s lips from reaching the bottle cap during suction. Minimize the confusion of babies from breast to bottle feeding. The nipples are also designed for easy cleaning as it can be safely cleaned in a microwave, sterilizer, dishwasher and boiling water. Made from 100% safe materials as it is BPA, PVC and Phthalate free.
Price: P89.75 ( pack of 2)

Sadhwani also attributes and absorbs new ideas and trends during his regular travels and factory plant visits. “We continue to test our products to assure our consumers that they are safe because we are dealing with infants and young kids here.”

And this is what makes Baby World stand out from the rest. 


Cool photo op with BW’s Jackie Sadhwani. Thank you for having us!


Bonus treat meeting the matriarch of Baby World, Ms. Kanchan Sadhwani, whom I had a nice chance encounter inside the elevator on our way to Citrus Resto event venue.

I’m happy to share that my latest “inaanak” /godson Lucian will soon be getting these bath tub of Baby World goodies in his upcoming Christening. What a blessed child! Thank you for looking after his infant needs, Baby World! 


Baby World products are available in all leading department stores, supermarkets & other retail shops nationwide.

You can also visit and LIKE their Facebook page at

Drop them a note or two. Baby World would appreciate your comments and feedbacks. 

Many thanks to Sadhwani Family, Ms. Rica for having yours truly and Ms. Lariza Garcia for graciously extending the invite.  


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