Soleus Watches & Running More Fun in the Philippines!


Manila missed you Mr.Soleus ☺

It is not everyday one gets to mingle and converse with a corporate executive, moreso if that person is the brains behind the sports watch brand Soleus aka David Arnold.

Mr. Arnold who was in Manila two years ago, met up with an intimate group of bloggers last October 15 at 100 Miles Cafe. Many thanks to the gracious invite of Sales & Markting Manager Ms.Judith Staples who’s tireless efforts help propel Soleus Philippines in its favorable track. The day before, he happily met with the rest of Team Soleus’ running group. David was very candid to note in remembering familiar faces and excited to meet new friends. “It doesn’t exactly feel like two years ago but 
I’m happy to be back! There’s also been a lot of improvements (with Soleus) from the last time I was here.” he shares.


Humble beginnings in Austin, Texas

Despite stiff competition from other notable brands, Soleus has slowly made its presence felt in the running and sports community since its humble inception in Austin, Texas a few years ago thanks to a re-positioned global marketing strategy and gracious word of mouth from happy and satisfied users. Putting up his own sports watch via Soleus after being an executive of a popular sports brand of 15 years was the biggest and best career decision he has embarked on and never looked back.


“We encourage our consumers to make their own major moments, a sense of accomplishment. Your Soleus moment!” — David Arnold, Founder & CEO

He is proud to note, “We are a consumer-focused brand and that’s what separates us from the competition. And we very much appreciate it when people give us feedbacks on our products. In fact, we have someone in our office and what she does is monitor and read all the comments sent in, compiles it and forwards it to us.”

And speaking of products, David Arnold gave us a general presentation on how Soleus has stayed on top of its game and what is in store for its loyal consumers and converts. For the last quarter of the year, they have released several exciting and new models in their existing line of gps, running, fitness and cycling segments.


The GPS FIT 1.0 is the new bestseller from its predecessor GPS 1.0


CHICKED has a 30 lap memory, 5 interval timers, dual time and is 100m water resistant among its features.

GPS: GPS Mini, Vibe, Cross Country, Tour, Fit
Running: Dash, Chicked, Stride
Fitness: Tempo, Pulse HRM, BlueFit HR (heart rate monitor)
Cycling: GPS Draft

Running watch model Chicked for example is doing very good, selling well and is considered a widely-accepted watch and it is very nice to match with a colorful running get up especially for women. Soleus is not to be left behind with fashion even in running.


GPS VIBE include gps receiver, pace/speed, calories burned, data upload, ventilated strap, 30m water resistant


DASH has a 30 lap memory, 10 run data storage, interval timers, 50m water resistant


PULSE HRM includes a heart rate monitor feature, optical sensor, daily step target, pace, distance, calories burned


Perfect for long distance runners ULTRA SOLE provides 100 HR Chronograph, hydration alarms, lap memory, run data storage, PU Comold strap, dual time


GPS DRAFT for cycling enthusiasts gets a gps receiver, convertible display, speed, distance, ride data storage, bike mount kit USB data upload among others

The GPS watch lines are their consistent top sellers and credit goes to its affordability and compact user-friendly features. The non-gps units are as accurate and functional to use. Was able to ask Mr.Arnold what his favorite model watch to date and he replied,

It would be FIT 1.0. That’s the one I’m using now. We’ve added lots of colors and
it’s doing very well.”


Mr.Arnold sporting the GPS FIT 1.0 who’s design is China-exclusive

He also added, that being on top of his job requires him to try out many models and test them on the road. In terms of impressive sales and marketing in Asia, Mr.Arnold was very quick to point out Philippines as the top leader (with special commendation to Ms.Judith Staples and her team’s dedication and hardwork) followed by Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. Well done, Ms.Judith!


Sample Soleus AD in Malaysia and Dubai


Happy Soleus fans in Singapore

More on the GPS Fit 1.0, which has the breathable blue strap was the result of an online voting contest. This cool model picks up from the GPS 1.0 released two years ago which opened more doors at Soleus for product expansion.

You have more races and weekly runs now in the Philippines. A lot of people now
are very passionate with running. We want you to have a sense of occomplishment.
When you run, when you finish a race. The feeling of I did it! It’s all about making


SQUIFFS are words and thoughts of inspiratioon found at the back of selected models. Presented only by Soleus!

A former football player, this executive is humble to admit he has not ran any marathons. He indicated, “I’m more of the shorter distance type. So 10K 
is fine with me. I’m a fitness runner not a serious runner. My wife is into fitness too but she prefers to walk. My younger daughter Julie is a football player she’s really good and she sends me photos of our watches out there.” More Soleus moments!


My very first sports watch –the Soleus P.R. February 2012 – sleek!


A year after my first GPS watch – GPS FIT 1.0 who’s value is much higher now because of David Arnold’s personal autograph on it! Thank you Ms.Judith and David ☺ My sweet Soleus moment! October 2013

Listening and learning from Mr.Arnold’s latest product presentation for an hour was like attending a Soleus Town Hall Meeting in Austin! Felt surreal! Here’s a CEO travelling thousands of miles away from home and his headquarters to personally oversee corporate obligations and reports from distributors. Super! That same day Tuesday he was en route to check on with his Hongkong associates and goes back Stateside 48 hours after.


Mr.Soleus flanked by Jeff Lo of and Race Director Coach Edward Kho while checking out the latest ish of PF Magazine


Yours truly striking a watch pose with Soleus Founder David Arnold — very grateful I am!


All together now! We love So–le–us!!! A glance of the bloggers with LTimeStudio’s Ms.Judith Staples who had a whooping fun time with CEO David Arnold in his recent Manila business trip. Picture-taking more fun in the Philippines! PHOTO credit: Cheapanggang Diva Rikki Suarez

Before wrapping up his presentation, Mr Arnold emphasized,  “There’s a full range of products right now. We will continue to work on as a company and our GPS  more functional and affordable. We love your feedbacks. It’s been a fun ride these four years. It’s not running the race but making your moments!” 

And amen I say to that! Soleus may still be a new kid in the gps and non-gps running and fitness watch block, challenges will be learning experiences but with a continuous determined, and passionate leadership at the helm, it will go on being consumer-focused and will not rest at its laurels just yet.   

Don’t have a Soleus watch yet? Check out its exciting line-up and I guarantee there is a model that perfectly suits you! 

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*To keep updated with the latest on Soleus and its products, visit their website at Like their FB page /soleus.running. Follow them on Twitter @soleusrunning. 

**Soleus watches PH are available at LTimeStudio boutiques at major shopping malls. Visit their website 

***Many, many thanks Ms.Judith Staples and Mr.David Arnold for making this fun & precious #SoleusMoment so possible! 


When it rains autographs it really pours! Here’s another memento message from Mr.Arnold. This and the GPS FIT 1.0 won’t be auctioned off at E-bay sir, don’t you worry! ☺


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